Friend of Mine Cover

An output of my boredom: I did a cover of Friend of Mine. HAHAHA. I had a spur of the moment to sing and express my feelings right now. I can relate to the song's message very well.

To this friend of mine, I know we can never be together. Nevertheless, just like what the song says "But then again, I'm glad." :)

Please bear with me and my trying hard singing voice. Hello humiliation! LOL!!! 


20: Teen No More

My teen years are officially over (December 19, 2011). Or can I still consider myself a teen if I say that I am 19 years and 12 months old? Or can I change twenty to twenteen? HAHAHA. Kidding aside, embracing my 20th year is a bit harder and challenging for me; more responsibilities, more expectations et al. Okay enough said about my rants of not being a teen anymore.

Moving on, before my birthday I expected that my 20th birthday would be an ordinary one for me. But, a lot of surprises and happy things happened on my day. So I wanna share my happiness through this blog post.

Who made me happy? Who made me cry? My THANK YOU's to everyone.

1. FIRST BIRTHDAY GREETER. I was expecting that the very first person who will greet me on my birthday would be my best friends or some close friends in UP. But look who was the first person to greet me.

I appreciate the fact that he waited for 12midnight and then called me just to say Happy Birthday. I thought he would never remember. I have to admit, it was sincere. Here's more, when I invited him to come over for dinner, he said he can't make it but he showed up on my birthday dinner celebration. So thank you for the effort! :)  (pwede naman kiligin diba? kakabirthday ko naman eh. haha. Kung mabasa mo man to kutil, wag lalaki ang ulo ah! Hello 20 years old na tayo, hindi na to yung highschool-ish level. hahaha!)

2. Technically speaking, it was Michelle Choi (an orgmate in UP) who first greeted me through text at exactly 12:01am. It just so happened that I was only able to see the text messages after #1's call.

3. FRIENDS. God knows how grateful I am for giving me such wonderful, sweet and awesome friends! I couldn't ask for more. A simple greeting would do but what they did was more than enough. Thank you to all my friends especially those who gave touching, tearjerker messages on my birthday.

from a college friend/orgmate/coursemate and one of my dearest sisters in UP...

from one of the persons who I look up to since grade school..

from my Bfriend (not boyfriend ok?) :p

from one of my favorite persons in the entire universe, the person who has seen my bitch and kind side. LOL

from "ang bestfriend ng bayan" but one of the most genuine friends ever..

P.S. wag maniwala sakanya na "makwalta" ako, in Filipino makwalta means mayaman.

Aside from having sweet friends, I have thoughtful friends too!

Thank you to my best friends Deng, Pos and Tabs for this sweet surprise!

Thank you Bahm, Yam, Ervin, Justine, Nikki, Mara

Thank you Paul for this one! cholaine, danni, bianca and kem,  thank you too!

Thank you guys! :)))

L-R: pos, nikki, yam, tabs, justine, deng, me, bahm and ervin

L-R: paul, bahm, kem, me, cholaine, bianca, danni

How I wish my other friends were also present on my birthday for it to be happier or happiest. :)))

4. FAMILY. Many people have witnessed how I value my family so much and how proud I am to be their family member. Sandiwans can attest with this because I skipped some important org events just to be with my family. hehehe

Of course, I'm very thankful to my father for being a good and responsible father. I wouldn't be able to celebrate my birthday if it wasn't for him. Thank you Papa! I also want to give credit to my mom for being my guardian angel through the years. I am also fortunate to my titos, titas and other relatives who have been very supportive since day 1 especially my tita Hilda and tita Helen who served as my second mom. My heart melts whenever my family says how proud they are with what I have achieved and what I have done.  Okay enough of this melodramatic part. 

Aside from them, I still have the following people to thank who are always there whenever I come home in Tarlac:
a. Thank you to my cousin/pseudo-sister Bianca for helping me prepare food for my birthday dinner.
b. Thank you Joshua Gimena for being so obedient whenever I ask you to do an errand. I know you love me. HAHAHA.
c. Thank you to Lola Carning who cooked sumptuous food for my birthday dinner, to tito Dick who served as my transpo service whenever we need to buy something and to tita Dina, for staying from morn till night  to help us prepare and clean the house.
d. To Tita Ria and Tita Mumay who are like my best friends too, thank you for the company and for making me laugh. I know I always got your backs. haha!
e. Thank you Mommy and Renz for your gift. :)

Thank you Duds, my childhood best friend/cousin/kumare for this birthday message:

To my lovable twin cousins, Andre and Andrew, thank you! :)

..And the rest of my relatives who showed their love and care to me, THANK YOU!!!!

5. Last but definitely not the least, GOD. For 5 years, I have been asking Him with only one thing but He has not yet given it to me but I know it'll find its way soon. Yet He has blessed me with so many great things in my 20 years of existence. A lot of things that I am indeed THANKFUL for. :) 

THANK YOU TO ALL WHO REMEMBERED MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Sorry for this long blog post and stuff but I can't really contain my happiness so I needed to vent it out through writing on my blog.

P. S. Before my birthday, I wished that there'll be someone who will make my day extra special. Wish granted. This blog post proves it. :)


Oblation Run and Lantern Parade 2011

December 16, 2011 was the best December 16 of my life! I experienced two events that UP students should not miss in their entire UP Life - the famous Oblation Run and the colorful Lantern Parade. I have witnessed these events before but this year's a different one.

In the morning, I watched the Oblation Run (no judgment please. Context kasi.) This year got more exciting because a friend of mine participated in the Oblation Run and I got a rose from him. Okay, just imagine me screaming while my naked friend was in front of me. Thank God he was holding a tarpaulin so his toot was covered and we weren't able to see it. In the first place, I have no plans of looking at his toot. HAHAHAHA!

Meet my friends/orgmates who were with me during the Oblation Run...

in front of AS steps. from L-R: adana, jade, denise, me and pat

L-R: adana, me, pat, jasmin, jade and denise

L-R: pat, kuya aman, me, denise, jade and adana

holding their roses. L-R: jade, adana, charles, denise, jestine and pat

The Oblation Scene...and ooops our candid reactions. LOL

someone's really having FUN huh? :p

Meanwhile, we witnessed the promenade of colorful and creative lanterns in the afternoon. My most favorite parts were the flying of sky lanterns and the wonderful fireworks (minus the failed ending).

I LOVE UP!!! I'm so proud to be part of the UP Community.

UP Lantern Parade 2011: Isang Unibersidad. Isang Komunidad.


On New Year's Eve Movie

Forgiveness. Second Chances. Fresh start. At this point, this is too early for such realizations but these were the lessons inculcated in me after watching New Year's Eve movie. Those three words can simply encapsulate today's realizations and those words were substantial enough to reflect and ponder on.



Starving has never felt this good!

There are times that I keep asking myself "How am I going to make a difference?" Then an opportunity came. Last November 06, 2010, I became part of the first and largest hunger movement in our country - World Vision's 12-hr famine. As the name implies, participants are going to fast for 12 straight hours. No solid food intake.

Fast forward to November 19, 2011. World Vision held its second famine campaign at the Ynares Sports Arena. Thousands of youth have participated and I'm so glad that I'm one of those youth who took part in this fight against hunger. But some people would ask, why starve for 12 hours? It's simple. This 12-hr famine campaign wants us to feel and realize the hardships experienced by those who suffer from hunger due to certain circumstances. Indeed the feeling was not a joke. A lot of realizations and lessons came up after the 12-hr famine event.

On a personal note, I did not just participate but I also volunteered as an assistant facilitator for the learning activities. It was my most fulfilling day so far and it was one of the proudest moments of my life. So to the whole World Vision staff, I am very grateful to be part of such a great advocacy and to the people who helped me raise funds so I can donate to the needy, I can't thank you enough for sharing your blessings.

Cheers to the success of 12-hr famine! Till the next famine campaigns. :)))

Now, I'm a CERTIFIED HUNGER-FIGHTER! I got my answers. I made a difference and I can attest that starving has never felt this good!


Bon Chon Chicken

Most people especially children love fried chicken especially the ones sold at fast food chains like Mcdonalds, Jollibee or KFC. But when I was a kid, I eat fried chicken at fast food chains but not to the extent that I would always order it whenever I dine out. Not until college, Bon Chon chicken was introduced to me. I've been hearing a lot of feedback about this very famous fried chicken so I tried it when they opened their branch in Katipunan. I LOVED their chicken! Very crispy and you don't need any sauce or gravy because the chicken itself is tasty and palatable.

On a side note, I thought Bon Chon chicken tastes the same but it depends on the branch. I've tried Bon Chon in The Promenade Mall at Greenhills and I was a bit disappointed. For me, the one in Katipunan branch still tastes better.

Whenever I dine at Bon Chon, I always order the wings rice box (soy garlic flavor)! I enjoy eating every bit of the chicken wings part.

I've tried eating alone at Bon Chon, I wanted to enjoy my solitude then but it's still better if you are with your friends and savor the chicken over a bunch of stories and chitchats. :)))

my friends/orgmates in UP Diliman: Moti, Gelo, Jasmin, Pat, Kuya Ico, Ate Reina, Keempee, Gio, Mackie and Jade

Btw, Happy 11/11/11!!! May all our wishes come true! :))


casual thoughts...

I've been very happy and very lucky in different aspects of my life and I am so thankful for that. But even though I'm filled with happiness in these aspects, there's still something missing. I've never been lucky with one aspect (i don't wanna go in detail), sometimes I ask myself "am I doomed? am I ill-fated when it comes to this one? :(" I HOPE NOT because by far, I've never experienced happiness in this aspect. At times, I really wanna give up waiting and just escape away from this wretchedness. There are also times that I am full of hope and I don't wanna lose my grip. I hope one day, I'm gonna write on this blog how happy I am that FINALLY I am happy already.


Palauig, Zambales

Have you ever been to a beautiful place where only few people know about it? Lucky me! I was able to witness a hidden paradise somewhere in the mountains of Palauig, Zambales. I never knew that such place existed. People in Zambales call it "Dampay" which was named after its small village vicinity. It took us 30 minutes or so in a rough road plus a 10-15 minute walk to reach the place but the moment I saw the place, my exhaustion subsided. I was in awe because the water was cool, clean and clear. The rush of the water was a music to my ears.

Seeing the place, reminded me of Cagayan de Oro (eliminate the white water rafting adventure). You can't do other activities here because there are several rocks and stones around the area. But you will still enjoy playing in the water and feel the water current brawl against your body. The place was indeed worth-seeing! :)

Here's what we rode on our way to Dampay...

The scenic place... nature's hidden beauty.

Tree Top Adventure!

I really LOVE ADVENTURES! If I have lots of money, I would splurge it into travelling and experiencing different kinds of adventures rather than buying shoes, clothes, bags, etc. :)

October 17, 2011- aside from my dad's birthday, I went to Subic with my friends for the nth time. Although I already went to Subic for several times, it was my first time to try Tree Top Adventure! I badly wanted to try all the activities  in Tree Top but due to budget shortage, I have to choose only a few. Hehe.

my fellow tree top adventurers: JP, erwin, jen, neil, des, sly, sab and jerone

all set for the activities! *wearing my safety gears* :))

Activity: Trailing. In this activity, all we have to do is to cross different bridges then attach our harness on the rope above then detach it all by ourselves. But it's a bit scary because the bridges are shaky. If I am not mistaken, I think we crossed 4 or 5 bridges to reach to the starting point of the canopy ride.

with my friends: Sly and Des

our UGLY FACES! hahaha :) 60ft high off the ground!!

Activity: Canopy Ride. This one's sort of a cable car. We transfer from one point to another, we started from a low point then go up to the highest point which I think is around 80ft! HANGING BY A MOMENT ang peg! hahaha

we're so high off the ground!

And my most favorite activity: Superman Ride!!!! It was a pseudo-flying moment! wooohooo HAHAHA!

Unfortunately, I  wasn't able to try the Tree Drop activity because I didn't make it on the cut-off time. :( Anyway there's always a next time!