A Fan Girl (ME) at the UP Fair

UP Fair is one of the most awaited events of students in UP Diliman. And as part of the UP community, I am really excited for this event to come. I've been looking forward to it every start of the school year. This UP fair 2011, I decided to go to the Thursday event which is the Love Rage Revolt. For it to be more fun and enjoyable, I went to the fair with my high school friends and orgmates. yey! I also saw some of my schoolmates in grade school and in UP Manila.

my orgmates in Sandiwa: Pat and Moti

orgmates in Art Studies Society: rom, mia, nicko

my high school friends: ervin, tabs and loren

Parokya ni Edgar and Kamikazee totally rocked the night! And they completed my UP Fair experience. This is my best fair experience so far :)

with Chito Miranda

with Jay of Kamikazee

with Mong of Chicosci and Sandwich 


A Weekend of Everything that flies!

February 13, 2010, today is the last day of the Hot Air Balloon Festival held in Clark, Pampanga. It was indeed a tiring yet fun day. I woke up at 3:30am to prepare for the event. I left the house at around 4:30am and went to Loren's house cause she's going to the event too. And Mark too! Her brother, Kuya Jr Zarate and his best friend Kuya Aaron Punsalan were with us as we head into the venue of the event.

At the event,  I can see the very long line of people buying tickets. Excitement was evident in their faces. They're very eager to witness a weekend of everything that flies. As I entered the venue, I was very excited to take pictures. Different kinds of hot air balloons were exhibited in the said event. And I am very happy that I was able to go to this event, I've been planning to go to this for a long time and finally, GOAL ACHIEVED!

The hot air balloons...

With my friends, Loren Zarate and Mark Taban. :) *additional pic with Loren's bro, Kuya Jr*

finally we 3 had a picture! photo by Kuya Jr

pic with loren's bro. Photo by Kuya Aaron

Yours truly.. :)

I'm with a falcon
Aside from the festival itself, it's also the centennial year celebration of Airplanes in the Philippine skies. "Can we pretend that airplanes, in night sky are like shooting stars, I could really use a wish right now..lalala" Oh! Why am I singing?! hahaha. Maybe because of the effect that I'm surrounded with airplanes!


some pilots we met at the event


ITALIAN addiction

Italian food is my favorite cuisine. I don't know if it's because I was born in Italy or I just really like it. Whenever I have time, I go out with friends and try different restos. Food is also a form of my stress reliever. After a stressful week or after a brain-draining exam, I eat. Some of my favorite Italian food stores are Friuli La Trattoria in Maginhawa, UP Village and Fazoli's in Eastwood (I like this place because they offer unlimited garlic bread). Will discover more Italian food stores soon. :D

at Domino's Pizza with whe and tabs
at friuli, my bday celebration with Artstud Society

spaghetti bolognese, my fave pasta at Friuli

at fazoli's in Eastwood with Sandiwans 
one of friuli's best-seller pizza, sorry I forgot the name

yellow cab! whe's bday celebration


Love... the bond that links

Today was Bianca's Family Day. She is currently a third year high school student. I was a substitute parent today because her parents are not around. I was touched on how parents showed their love for their children. I was teary-eyed when parents go on stage and give their messages to their children. It reminded me of my high school life. I miss high school so much! I miss my batchmates. I feel glad that I saw some of my high school teachers. They're still very accommodating and very supportive when they saw me. My high school alma mater will always be the best high school for me. Nothing can change that. I'm a proud WHS alumna. :)

Juniors sing their dedicated song to their parents

with my cousin bianca and our uncle paul
mrs.dayrit and mrs.gatus, they're two of my closest & most favorite teachers back in high school

I also saw my teacher when I was in grade two, Mrs. Susan Rivera. She's like a mother to me because her daughter and I are good friends, we're like sisters already. She is one of the sweetest persons I know. I call her Tita Love. Whenever she texts me, she always says "yanyan love". She is also one of the coolest moms in the world!

tita love and me :)

No Goodbyes just See you later!

Bye bye Boracay, I will surely miss this lovely place. But I'll be back. See you when I get back there again!

feeling emo! hehe

ZZZZZZZZ... Zipline and Zorb!

One of my most favorite activity in Boracay  - ZIPLINE! Breath-taking experience.

enjoying the scene before doing the slide of our lives...

                     Here we go!!


Zorb was ate Vanessa's most favorite activity. She's making us kulit to try it. She said she won't leave Bora without doing this. hahahaha.

PUSH the large ball!

                            Free massage from  a large ball

oh nooooo! this is it!

Go inside the large ball and be prepared to be ROLLED!

Up next: Island Hopping + Snorkelling

waaaah! I'm having fun!

Snorkelling at Crocodile Island and we got some cute starfish. I remembered the movie "Aquamarine". I want to have starfish earrings too!

the smell of a starfish stinks.lol

i want to have earrings like these

Last stop was at Crystal Cove. Boracay, I fell in love with you! Such a paradise. No wonder many people love to go here.

welcome to crystal cove!


Before doing the activity, here's what we're doing!

loren, ate Vanessa and me

the gleek sign! we're not losers

This is the first activity we tried in Boracay. It was very cool! Our heads didn't get wet. I was even wearing my contact lens under water. Worry-free! :)

preparing to go under water

under the sea, under the sea...

Play time with the fishes.