ITALIAN addiction

Italian food is my favorite cuisine. I don't know if it's because I was born in Italy or I just really like it. Whenever I have time, I go out with friends and try different restos. Food is also a form of my stress reliever. After a stressful week or after a brain-draining exam, I eat. Some of my favorite Italian food stores are Friuli La Trattoria in Maginhawa, UP Village and Fazoli's in Eastwood (I like this place because they offer unlimited garlic bread). Will discover more Italian food stores soon. :D

at Domino's Pizza with whe and tabs
at friuli, my bday celebration with Artstud Society

spaghetti bolognese, my fave pasta at Friuli

at fazoli's in Eastwood with Sandiwans 
one of friuli's best-seller pizza, sorry I forgot the name

yellow cab! whe's bday celebration

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