Love... the bond that links

Today was Bianca's Family Day. She is currently a third year high school student. I was a substitute parent today because her parents are not around. I was touched on how parents showed their love for their children. I was teary-eyed when parents go on stage and give their messages to their children. It reminded me of my high school life. I miss high school so much! I miss my batchmates. I feel glad that I saw some of my high school teachers. They're still very accommodating and very supportive when they saw me. My high school alma mater will always be the best high school for me. Nothing can change that. I'm a proud WHS alumna. :)

Juniors sing their dedicated song to their parents

with my cousin bianca and our uncle paul
mrs.dayrit and mrs.gatus, they're two of my closest & most favorite teachers back in high school

I also saw my teacher when I was in grade two, Mrs. Susan Rivera. She's like a mother to me because her daughter and I are good friends, we're like sisters already. She is one of the sweetest persons I know. I call her Tita Love. Whenever she texts me, she always says "yanyan love". She is also one of the coolest moms in the world!

tita love and me :)

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