Meet some of  my favorite and awesome friends in UP and my orgmates in Art Studies Society...

Ate mia (second to the left) - she's a very bubbly person. Whenever I'm with her, there's always this positive and good vibes. She's also one of the most industrious persons I know on earth (ehemm, magna cum laude). That's why sometimes I feel intimidated. haha. Anyway, I knew her not just because we're of the same course but she's also the friend of my cousin (kuya nats). What else???? Hmmm.. aha! We both like BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE! She's also one of the sweetest persons I met in my life. I will never forget when she greeted me during my 19th birthday. She greeted me in various ways, so sweet and touching :)

Ate Que- the noisiest person I know (oops don't get me wrong, it's "noisy" in a good way). I feel that I can talk anything under the sun whenever we have conversations, but you just have to constantly remind her to keep quiet because sometimes she has this tendency of having "Freudian slip" - subconscious slip of the tongue. HAHAHAHA. :)) But seriously, things just seem light and real when you start a conversation with her.

Rom- I got closer with her because we were classmates in one of our Art studies majors, AS191. She's the type of friend that you can open or say anything about life. She's a good listener. She's also the person who has this weird laugh and it makes me laugh whenever I hear her laugh. :))) But Rom is one of the persons I know who has a very broad understanding.

What do we have in common?
- zero lovelife (but WE'RE HAPPY)
- love to eat
- love to travel
- love to talk anything under the sun and just laugh and laugh
- and so on...

It just saddens me that they're going to graduate this April. But just what we're always saying, this is not good bye. We'll see each other soon. And I'm sure we'll find time to hang out because we know in ourselves how much we love to spend time together and how much we want to explore and experience life.

To my dear friends, CHEERS to all of us! Cheers on your graduation day! Cheers on the end of my third year college life. And lastly, CHEERS to our friendship!!! I will never regret the day that I met you and the day we started to become good friends. I'm so glad that I don't need to pretend and hide anything from you because I  know everything is REAL :) I don't care if people will label as LOSERS. In the first place, we were never losers because we know that we have plenty things to be proud of. Spending time with you was very short but it was sweet because I know that genuine happiness and friendship are not gauged on how long you've known or spent time together. I'm blessed to have you as my friends, my sisters, my family, etc. I WILL MISS YOU!!! I LOVE YOU MY AWESOME FRIENDS!!!! :)


  1. nakakaiyaaaak :(( We love you too!! basta text text lang. pweds tayo meet sa thub hehe ;)

  2. "I'm so glad that I don't need to pretend and hide anything from you because I know everything is REAL :)" Ganito din ako sayoooo!!!! Super Salamat Yan. Hindi to ang end. Simula pa lang to. :)