AJ Perez' Last Performance on MMK :((

*before MMK*
In a few minutes, AJ Perez' MMK episode will be aired on TV. It breaks my heart to watch it but I would really love to see his last performance. This is so surreal, knowing it is his last performance. Right now, I have this feeling of "ang bigat sa puso" :(. He's really a great loss in the industry. How I wish he could've lived longer.

*while watching MMK*
As of this moment, MMK is starting already. As much as I want to focus watching, my heart pounds. ugggh! It's dominating what I feel now. Haaay. I'm controlling my tears now. Sobrang sayang talaga niya. :(((

-I pitty the characters in the story :(
-Ang grumpy ng character ni AJ. (in the first few parts)
-On a lighter note, Bugoy is soooo cute.

Can't help but write these:
1. 8:26pm- I'm crying now! (scene when Dagul said how important his brother is to him)

2. 8:45pm- tears almost fell again. Ang sweet ng magkapatid. Awww.
3. 8:47pm- crying hard now. :((( Super affected by AJ's acting (scene in front of the church) *sorry if this blog post is full of sad faces*
4. The scene when Dagul gave the slippers to his brother made my heart melt. Such a sweet and thoughtful deed!
5. The scene when they are hurting Edgar hurts.
6. Seeing Edgar carrying his brother while walking on the road is indeed a big sacrifice. He doesn't mind even if he's in pain. He only thinks the welfare of his brother.
7. 9:09pm - they're parting ways. :((((((( AJ's tears were heartfelt. His acting was genuine.
8. Glad they were together again. :)
9. "Ang kalsada ang nagturo sa amin. "
10. Whew! Thank God it's a happy ending. But in reality, it's not. Bye AJ. You will be forever remembered. May you rest in peace.

*after watching*
CRYING now while writing this blog post. This is the MMK episode which had a great impact on me so far, very genuine and heartfelt. AJ is really fitted to do the role - selfless, determined, hopeful, any positive trait would fit him. I SALUTE him in all aspects! I respect him a lot. He deserves all the love, praise and respect he's receiving. HE'S SUCH AN INSPIRATION.

yes, I'm affected like this.

ready. set. KUBO NIGHTS!

KUBO NIGHTS- a term coined by my friends whenever we hang out at Yam's place. Literally, we stay in a kubo and a large compound and spend the rest of the night till dawn talking about anything under the sun. I can't even remember how many Kubo Nights we had already. I did a little digging by looking back at our previous photos. Here are some of our Kubo Moments and we usually hold Kubo Nights during these occasions:

The "kubo"- our haven away from all the problems, stress and negative vibes in life. 

Bon Voyage Party for Miles- one of our first few Kubo Nights session

jump shot- one of our favorite shots

Post- Christmas Celebration- way back into grade school and high school, we always have Christmas Party in school but since we stepped into college, we never had it anymore and so we decided to organize our own simple Christmas Celebration. *This "kubo" is not similar to the picture posted earlier. This one is at Yam's house. We do this yearly.

Semestral Break Get-Together- after a stressful semester, we detoxify through Kubo Nights! It's effective for all of us.

Birthday Bash- we usually celabrate our birthdays at the "kubo". Like me, I celebrated my 19th birthday with my friends. Ervin, recently had his post-birthday celebration at the kubo. 

during my 19th birthday

outside the kubo compound. Ervin's post-birthday treat
killing time via basketball, longboard, etc.
"Whenever we feel like doing it" drama- if there's no occasion and we just feel like hanging out, one text would make the Kubo Nights possible. That's how spontaneous we are. :))

It's pretty obvious that there are alcoholic beverages et al. in the pictures but I hope you won't fall into a hasty generalization that we're drunkards. Don't judge. It's not our vice. Quoting Justine Amurao, "Hindi porket lagi kami umiinom tatawagin niyo na kaming LASINGGERO. Hindi nman lagi yung lasa ng alak ang aming hinahanap kundi yung pagkakaibigan na nakukumpleto, problemang nakakalimutan, samahan na tumitibay at pangarap na nabubuo sa bawat TAGAYAN. :)".  And for the record, even though we drink, we have something to be proud of. We all go to decent and respected universities here in our country. We excel and each of us has our achievements in our respective fields. I'm not bragging or anything but just so you know, do not easily jump into conclusions by what you merely see. 

I LOVE MY FRIENDS so much! I LOVE YOU KUBOMATES! More Kubo Nights to come!!! :))))


waiting in vain

gaaaahd! where are you Mark Anthony Ordanez Taban?!!! I'm all dressed up and ready to go! Please don't take time! We're missing a lot. hahaha. Obviously, I can't wait to see our friends. Boredom is killing me now in our house. :( faster please! If only I knew you'll be this late, I should have gone earlier. But I still love you bes even if you keep me waiting. :) See you in a bit. (my patience is decreasing)

I wasn't able to stand up for what I said in my previous blog post. I still chose my friends over acads, that's how much I love my friends. So you're very lucky if I am your friend. hahaha jk.

TGIF or not?

FRIDAY!!! weeeeeeee! I love fridays! It's the best part of the week. I'm going home to Tarlac. *TVD Day!
On the other hand, here's the bad part. I have three major papers to do this weekend, 1000 words in each paper. huhu. HELP! In effect, I can't come to my friends' party tonight. I'm sure I'm going to miss a lot. I really want to go but my conscience is killing me. I have to live up to my mantra: School first, fun later. PATIENCE. PATIENCE. PATIENCE. My hardships will end soon and my endeavors will pay off. I just have to believe in myself. It's a cliche already but NEVER say NEVER! I can do this!

*TVD- The Vampire Diaries (one of the TV Series I'm obsessed watching)


2 days to go and good bye April! I can't really wait for May to come. There's so much that I'm looking forward to:
-summer class will end! yahoo!
-my trip in Hongkong. EXCITING!
-the shoes I've been wanting to have (Thanks to my tita dha!)
-my iPhone. (Thanks to my father, though I didn't ask him to buy me one. hehe)
-outing with my friends
-kubo nights with the best barkada in the universe!
-sem-ender party of my org (though this is a bit late already)
-bonding with my family :)

P.S It's sooooo hot here in the Philippines! been having migraines for three days now. ugh! I hate the weather now.


I'm nearing halfway in my summer class. Weeks go by like days. Not anytime soon, it's May already! :))) I can't help but get bored in my classes. Thank goodness, there are ice breakers or else I'll sleep inside class. hahaha. I don't know what else to say. I just missed my blog. Our wifi connection at home screwed up. Whenever I go to my blog, I get disconnected. ugggh! Too bad I can't blog all the time. Now, I'm using the free wifi here at *Palma Hall while chillin' at *Kuya Nap's room. I also missed Kuya Nap! He's like my father in UP. :D

By the way, happy birthday to my friend since grade school, Melissa Hipolito!!! I miss you mel!

*Palma Hall- also known as the UP College of Social Sciences and Philosophy
*Kuya Nap- the technician of the Department of Art Studies; our "tatay" in our org (Art Studies Society)



Here I go again, the same old sentiment of leaving home. SAD. DISHEARTENED. :(

Right now I am...
too lazy to go back to QC tomorrow.
too idle to study and face my academic work.
not in the mood to do my org responsibilities.
tired of thinking what my life would be in the future.
wondering how I can achieve my desires when it comes to travelling.
thinking how to overcome my idleness and weaknesses.

Back to reality tomorrow. Hello school again! Definitely I will miss...
my cousins and my cute babies.
my titas.
our long talk and conversations every night.
our gimik moments.
our food trip every now and then.
my bedroom.
my bum moments (internet, tv, gimiks et al.)
the laid back life here in Capas.
EVERYTHING as long as it is related to my family and friends.

But at the end of the day, I should live up to what my blog says " I live ergo I do what I love!" Go away sad and negative thoughts!

My Life in the Province

This is my life in the province - spending quality time with my family, enjoying the fresh air and having fun. Everything here is so laid back. Even though I study in the city, life in the province is still the best for me. I will not exchange my provincial life from a city life.

Today is Black Saturday, my relatives decided to hang out at Lolo Carding's farm instead of going to resorts and swimming pools because we know that these places are crowded now. At least in the farm, we have our privacy and we're assured that the water is clean and the air is fresh.

mini pool for the kids! haha

the farm irrigation, in Kapampangan we call it "paranum"

Before we go home, we took a picture with Lolo Carding

It's been a day for all of us. Family time is <3! :))))


Visita Iglesia con mi familia :)

It's our annual family devotion to visit 7 churches every Holy Week (Maundy Thursday).

The 7 Churches we visited in Tarlac:

First Stop: St. Nicholas Parish Church 

Second Stop: Our Lady of Sorrows Parish 

Third Stop: Sto. Cristo Parish 

Fourth Stop: St. Michael the Archangel Parish 

Fifth Stop: St. Raphael Archangel Parish 

Sixth Stop: San Roque Parish 

Seventh Stop: Tarlac Cathedral


Happy Birthday MIKKEL!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday Mikkel! I know it's only the 20th in South Carolina but here in the Philippines it's your birthday already! yey! :))

Greetings from me! -ate yanyan

Greetings from Carmel and Tita ria!

Happy Birthday! We love you - Gimena cousins: Bianca, me, joshua and gian. (aww, renz is not around)

You know how much we love you so much. I'm always heads up whenever I say that you are my brother/cousin. God knows how much I value you and our other cousins because you are like my siblings.
Since we are afar, I thought of doing this blog post as my simple present for you.

Your family, friends and loved ones are always proud of you. Of course, I am too and there is no doubt with that. And here are some reasons why I am very proud of you:

1. SPORTY and ACTIVE. I was really amazed on how you did this basketball thing. COOL! Click link to view the video. https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=206908439327301&comments

here's a snapshot of the video:

2.) INTELLIGENT. Ehemmm! Intelligent like her sister. LOL! This is something that I can brag about, consistent straight A's student!

3.) CARING BROTHER. I admire how Mikkel treats her sister. I can see how much he loves and cares for Julia. There are other children out there who has grudges to their younger siblings because they are afraid that their parents' attention will be divided.

i <3 this photo! Sweet siblings!

4.) LOVING and RESPONSIBLE FAMILY MEMBER. I think there's no need to ponder about this. Tito Hilbert and Tita Pam and the rest of our family will surely agree.

Mikkel with his family: Julia, Tita Pam and Tito Hilbert.



Third day with no rice! THIS IS REALLY HARD! But this is a form of my sacrifice this lent. It's just a very simple sacrifice compared to what our Lord has done for us. What I'm doing may look shallow and ridiculous for others, I don't care though. HE has blessed me with great things and by doing this simple sacrifice, I hope it will show how thankful I am for everything. I love you our dear Lord.


I can't sleep right now so I just decided to blog. I just wanted to express what I feel right now. I am so thankful for everything and everyone around me.

I want to thank someone for the care, concern and the importance that this person is showing me. Though we had an agreement that what we have is not a commitment, it still feels good to have someone around asking you every now and then "kumusta ka?", "ano gawa mo?", "kumain ka na?", etc. This is not a "kilig" scenario or anything but I'm just happy that someone out there cares. It's our friendship that matters. We've known each other since first year college. I've warned myself already, NO EXPECTATIONS. I'm prepared enough with whatever happens. Well at least, we're good friends. :)

I doubt if he will be able to read this post, there's a 20% possibility, that's my at most estimation. haha. Let's see and when he commented or asked me about this post, maybe it's a sign that there might be something.  :)


I always complain about the hustle and bustle of school life. I should slap my face for complaining because there are people out there who are privileged enough to go to school but life is playful, once death comes along it stops there. You can't pursue anymore your dreams even though you have the money in the world. Value life. Appreciate and savor every moment of it.

I also realized that I shouldn't get jealous to people who are rich, famous, popular, good-looking, etc. These are just physical attributes. What's inside a person is more important because it can't be taken away from you. I learned to value the significance of contentment. I am very lucky right now. Each day I live in this world something that I should be grateful for. Thank You Lord for endowing and blessing me with so many good things. 


in love with "cakes"

STRESS - one of my enemies in life, but I have an antidote for it. Whenever I'm stressed, I go to a cafe or bakeshop where I can eat my favorite cakes. I'm a cake lover and cakes are one of my stress relievers.

Bananalicious. Conti's Bakeshop located at Trinoma 

Tiramisu. Conti's Bakeshop loacted at Trinoma

Strawberry n' Cream & Blueberry Cheesecake.
 Sweet Inspirations located at Katipunan

My most favorite cake is BLUBERRY CHEESECAKE! I am very adventurous when it comes to this cake because I've tried the blueberry cheesecake of different stores like The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, MC Cafe,  Friuli, Black Soup, Kupihan, Cafe Iana, Chocolate Kiss, The Coffee and Pancake Company-Australia, Sweet Inspirations. And I still want to try more blueberry cheesecake from different cafes and bakeshops! I'm craving now while writing this blog.

Blueberry Cheesecake. Cafe Iana located at UP Diliman

Summer class 2011

5 days from now, I'll be having my summer class. I don't know if I should feel excited, lazy or nervous. But there's still excitement because I will see my UP friends again. I missed them a lot. :) I am also looking forward to my PI 100 class, I think it'll be fun and of course the field trip in that class! Ugggh... I miss travelling. My next trip will be on May pa. Fast forward please.

I'm also excited to hang out with my barkada and some close high school friends. We're going to do bowling then shooting range at Camp Crame. yay! There are so many things I want to do this summer:
-paintball shooting
-food trip at Mercato Centrale
-night out at Metro Walk
-ice skating
-shopping at Greenhills
-see a nice movie

How I wish I can have my list checked. WILL TRY TO!!! :))


One Friend :(

I have this friend whom I value so much. And this person has inspired me a lot to become stronger and to firmly stand into my beliefs. He's also the one who pushes me up whenever I feel that I am not worthy. But because of one incident, he got disappointed. I know I have a fault but I hope this person would understand. It just hurts me that of all people, he's the one who is mad at me. I don't know how to handle this. I just really don't like the feeling that someone is mad at me or "nagtatampo". I hope he can see that I am very sincere in apologizing and I've said sorry so many times. I don't know why he still doesn't talk to me. Am I that bad? Is the incident extremely bad for him not to forgive me? I don't know. But of all people, I expect that he will understand me. We've known each other for years now. He's been my go to person whenever I have problems in the org. I tell him whatever I feel. I feel everything is real whenever I'm with him. Hay it really hurts me that he still doesn't talk to me. I just can't stand the idea that "you and I are not okay". What should I do? :((

Haaaay (I cry now). I hope everything will be okay.



The Little Men in my Life

Every girl or woman has a special man in her life. But for me, I don't have a special man but I have many special men in my life. These men are the little kids who are very dear to me - my cousins. Whenever I see them and I spend time with them, my tiredness eases off. I don't have any sibling that's why I consider them as my real brothers. These kids are some of the most precious men in my life.

Meet Mikkel. He was born in Ilocos Sur but he was raised in Capas, Tarlac and so I was able to witness his growing up years. There are times that we fight because I tease him or I lose my patience but despite our fights, I really love this boy so much. He's the first baby boy who permanently stayed in our house that's why I'm very attached with him. When he left the Philippines, I was very sad. I cried when I knew that they're going to migrate in US. But look at him now, he's a grown up already. See how time flies, it seemed just a while ago when I was playing with him and now he's not that kid I used to play with and tease anymore. I am so proud of Mikkel because he's an achiever in school. He's a consistent straight A's student. I'm a proud sister. :)

Jan Mikkel B. Gimena

The boy below is Joshua. He's the sweetest among my boy cousins. He would always tell us how much he loves. While we're watching TV, he would just suddenly tell me "I love you ate yan", "Ate yan, pakiss." Eh I'm this masungit type of ate that's why I will just ignore him. hahaha. And whenever I come home in Tarlac, he would always ask me "Ate yan, ano pasalubong ko?" "I miss you". I will just laugh at him. But I feel guilty sometimes because I disregard his sweet deeds and words for me. Though I am masungit to him, he still tells me how much he loves me. I will not forget Christmas 2010 because when he went to a vacation in Pampanga, he bought me and his sister a bracelet. He's not just a sweet kid, he's thoughtful too.

Aron Joshua B. Gimena

And here are my twin cousins - Andre and Andrew. The most makulit and most malikot twins in town. They're born in the US. Their mom brought them here in the Philippines when they were around 1 year old because she can't work and baby sit at the same time. So I was very glad because there are additional babies in our house. I really love babies and kids. I know they are irritated to me because I kiss and hug them a lot. Sometimes, it's OA na. HAHAHA. They are the first twin in the family so they really brought joy to us. I can't tell who my favorite is because sometimes it is Andre who is kind and sweet to me, sometimes it is Andrew. These two are indeed unpredictable. It just saddens me that they also need to go back to US and live there. I really miss them so much. Andre and Andrew, I love you both! It seemed just a while ago too when they were just crawling around the house and now they're big boys already. 

Andre Medrano and Andrew Medrano

Lastly, meet Renz. The quiet/wild type of kid. hahaha. Quiet because when his dad is not around, he seemed to be a shy and innocent child but when his dad comes home, he is very noisy and he becomes mayabang. Even though he irritates me sometimes, of course I still do love him. He's also a sweet kid. He's not the selfish type, whenever he has something, he shares it to his cousins. Renz and Joshua are the only little boys left here in the Philippines.

Jan Renz B. Gimena

How I wish these little men in my life will be complete again. I miss my cousins so much especially Mikkel and the twins because they are not with us here in the Philippines. Hopefully, they'll come home already. They're one of the most precious gifts that God has given me. Though I was not blessed to have a younger brother, at least I'm still lucky enough because I have them. :)

They are not kids anymore. *SIGH*