AJ Perez' Last Performance on MMK :((

*before MMK*
In a few minutes, AJ Perez' MMK episode will be aired on TV. It breaks my heart to watch it but I would really love to see his last performance. This is so surreal, knowing it is his last performance. Right now, I have this feeling of "ang bigat sa puso" :(. He's really a great loss in the industry. How I wish he could've lived longer.

*while watching MMK*
As of this moment, MMK is starting already. As much as I want to focus watching, my heart pounds. ugggh! It's dominating what I feel now. Haaay. I'm controlling my tears now. Sobrang sayang talaga niya. :(((

-I pitty the characters in the story :(
-Ang grumpy ng character ni AJ. (in the first few parts)
-On a lighter note, Bugoy is soooo cute.

Can't help but write these:
1. 8:26pm- I'm crying now! (scene when Dagul said how important his brother is to him)

2. 8:45pm- tears almost fell again. Ang sweet ng magkapatid. Awww.
3. 8:47pm- crying hard now. :((( Super affected by AJ's acting (scene in front of the church) *sorry if this blog post is full of sad faces*
4. The scene when Dagul gave the slippers to his brother made my heart melt. Such a sweet and thoughtful deed!
5. The scene when they are hurting Edgar hurts.
6. Seeing Edgar carrying his brother while walking on the road is indeed a big sacrifice. He doesn't mind even if he's in pain. He only thinks the welfare of his brother.
7. 9:09pm - they're parting ways. :((((((( AJ's tears were heartfelt. His acting was genuine.
8. Glad they were together again. :)
9. "Ang kalsada ang nagturo sa amin. "
10. Whew! Thank God it's a happy ending. But in reality, it's not. Bye AJ. You will be forever remembered. May you rest in peace.

*after watching*
CRYING now while writing this blog post. This is the MMK episode which had a great impact on me so far, very genuine and heartfelt. AJ is really fitted to do the role - selfless, determined, hopeful, any positive trait would fit him. I SALUTE him in all aspects! I respect him a lot. He deserves all the love, praise and respect he's receiving. HE'S SUCH AN INSPIRATION.

yes, I'm affected like this.


  1. ate grabe ang ganda po :)
    that's exactly what i felt while watching MMK :(

  2. thanks for the comment :)
    yup ang tragic lang talaga :(