Happy Birthday MIKKEL!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday Mikkel! I know it's only the 20th in South Carolina but here in the Philippines it's your birthday already! yey! :))

Greetings from me! -ate yanyan

Greetings from Carmel and Tita ria!

Happy Birthday! We love you - Gimena cousins: Bianca, me, joshua and gian. (aww, renz is not around)

You know how much we love you so much. I'm always heads up whenever I say that you are my brother/cousin. God knows how much I value you and our other cousins because you are like my siblings.
Since we are afar, I thought of doing this blog post as my simple present for you.

Your family, friends and loved ones are always proud of you. Of course, I am too and there is no doubt with that. And here are some reasons why I am very proud of you:

1. SPORTY and ACTIVE. I was really amazed on how you did this basketball thing. COOL! Click link to view the video. https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=206908439327301&comments

here's a snapshot of the video:

2.) INTELLIGENT. Ehemmm! Intelligent like her sister. LOL! This is something that I can brag about, consistent straight A's student!

3.) CARING BROTHER. I admire how Mikkel treats her sister. I can see how much he loves and cares for Julia. There are other children out there who has grudges to their younger siblings because they are afraid that their parents' attention will be divided.

i <3 this photo! Sweet siblings!

4.) LOVING and RESPONSIBLE FAMILY MEMBER. I think there's no need to ponder about this. Tito Hilbert and Tita Pam and the rest of our family will surely agree.

Mikkel with his family: Julia, Tita Pam and Tito Hilbert.


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