I can't sleep right now so I just decided to blog. I just wanted to express what I feel right now. I am so thankful for everything and everyone around me.

I want to thank someone for the care, concern and the importance that this person is showing me. Though we had an agreement that what we have is not a commitment, it still feels good to have someone around asking you every now and then "kumusta ka?", "ano gawa mo?", "kumain ka na?", etc. This is not a "kilig" scenario or anything but I'm just happy that someone out there cares. It's our friendship that matters. We've known each other since first year college. I've warned myself already, NO EXPECTATIONS. I'm prepared enough with whatever happens. Well at least, we're good friends. :)

I doubt if he will be able to read this post, there's a 20% possibility, that's my at most estimation. haha. Let's see and when he commented or asked me about this post, maybe it's a sign that there might be something.  :)

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