The Little Men in my Life

Every girl or woman has a special man in her life. But for me, I don't have a special man but I have many special men in my life. These men are the little kids who are very dear to me - my cousins. Whenever I see them and I spend time with them, my tiredness eases off. I don't have any sibling that's why I consider them as my real brothers. These kids are some of the most precious men in my life.

Meet Mikkel. He was born in Ilocos Sur but he was raised in Capas, Tarlac and so I was able to witness his growing up years. There are times that we fight because I tease him or I lose my patience but despite our fights, I really love this boy so much. He's the first baby boy who permanently stayed in our house that's why I'm very attached with him. When he left the Philippines, I was very sad. I cried when I knew that they're going to migrate in US. But look at him now, he's a grown up already. See how time flies, it seemed just a while ago when I was playing with him and now he's not that kid I used to play with and tease anymore. I am so proud of Mikkel because he's an achiever in school. He's a consistent straight A's student. I'm a proud sister. :)

Jan Mikkel B. Gimena

The boy below is Joshua. He's the sweetest among my boy cousins. He would always tell us how much he loves. While we're watching TV, he would just suddenly tell me "I love you ate yan", "Ate yan, pakiss." Eh I'm this masungit type of ate that's why I will just ignore him. hahaha. And whenever I come home in Tarlac, he would always ask me "Ate yan, ano pasalubong ko?" "I miss you". I will just laugh at him. But I feel guilty sometimes because I disregard his sweet deeds and words for me. Though I am masungit to him, he still tells me how much he loves me. I will not forget Christmas 2010 because when he went to a vacation in Pampanga, he bought me and his sister a bracelet. He's not just a sweet kid, he's thoughtful too.

Aron Joshua B. Gimena

And here are my twin cousins - Andre and Andrew. The most makulit and most malikot twins in town. They're born in the US. Their mom brought them here in the Philippines when they were around 1 year old because she can't work and baby sit at the same time. So I was very glad because there are additional babies in our house. I really love babies and kids. I know they are irritated to me because I kiss and hug them a lot. Sometimes, it's OA na. HAHAHA. They are the first twin in the family so they really brought joy to us. I can't tell who my favorite is because sometimes it is Andre who is kind and sweet to me, sometimes it is Andrew. These two are indeed unpredictable. It just saddens me that they also need to go back to US and live there. I really miss them so much. Andre and Andrew, I love you both! It seemed just a while ago too when they were just crawling around the house and now they're big boys already. 

Andre Medrano and Andrew Medrano

Lastly, meet Renz. The quiet/wild type of kid. hahaha. Quiet because when his dad is not around, he seemed to be a shy and innocent child but when his dad comes home, he is very noisy and he becomes mayabang. Even though he irritates me sometimes, of course I still do love him. He's also a sweet kid. He's not the selfish type, whenever he has something, he shares it to his cousins. Renz and Joshua are the only little boys left here in the Philippines.

Jan Renz B. Gimena

How I wish these little men in my life will be complete again. I miss my cousins so much especially Mikkel and the twins because they are not with us here in the Philippines. Hopefully, they'll come home already. They're one of the most precious gifts that God has given me. Though I was not blessed to have a younger brother, at least I'm still lucky enough because I have them. :)

They are not kids anymore. *SIGH*

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