ready. set. KUBO NIGHTS!

KUBO NIGHTS- a term coined by my friends whenever we hang out at Yam's place. Literally, we stay in a kubo and a large compound and spend the rest of the night till dawn talking about anything under the sun. I can't even remember how many Kubo Nights we had already. I did a little digging by looking back at our previous photos. Here are some of our Kubo Moments and we usually hold Kubo Nights during these occasions:

The "kubo"- our haven away from all the problems, stress and negative vibes in life. 

Bon Voyage Party for Miles- one of our first few Kubo Nights session

jump shot- one of our favorite shots

Post- Christmas Celebration- way back into grade school and high school, we always have Christmas Party in school but since we stepped into college, we never had it anymore and so we decided to organize our own simple Christmas Celebration. *This "kubo" is not similar to the picture posted earlier. This one is at Yam's house. We do this yearly.

Semestral Break Get-Together- after a stressful semester, we detoxify through Kubo Nights! It's effective for all of us.

Birthday Bash- we usually celabrate our birthdays at the "kubo". Like me, I celebrated my 19th birthday with my friends. Ervin, recently had his post-birthday celebration at the kubo. 

during my 19th birthday

outside the kubo compound. Ervin's post-birthday treat
killing time via basketball, longboard, etc.
"Whenever we feel like doing it" drama- if there's no occasion and we just feel like hanging out, one text would make the Kubo Nights possible. That's how spontaneous we are. :))

It's pretty obvious that there are alcoholic beverages et al. in the pictures but I hope you won't fall into a hasty generalization that we're drunkards. Don't judge. It's not our vice. Quoting Justine Amurao, "Hindi porket lagi kami umiinom tatawagin niyo na kaming LASINGGERO. Hindi nman lagi yung lasa ng alak ang aming hinahanap kundi yung pagkakaibigan na nakukumpleto, problemang nakakalimutan, samahan na tumitibay at pangarap na nabubuo sa bawat TAGAYAN. :)".  And for the record, even though we drink, we have something to be proud of. We all go to decent and respected universities here in our country. We excel and each of us has our achievements in our respective fields. I'm not bragging or anything but just so you know, do not easily jump into conclusions by what you merely see. 

I LOVE MY FRIENDS so much! I LOVE YOU KUBOMATES! More Kubo Nights to come!!! :))))

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