Here I go again, the same old sentiment of leaving home. SAD. DISHEARTENED. :(

Right now I am...
too lazy to go back to QC tomorrow.
too idle to study and face my academic work.
not in the mood to do my org responsibilities.
tired of thinking what my life would be in the future.
wondering how I can achieve my desires when it comes to travelling.
thinking how to overcome my idleness and weaknesses.

Back to reality tomorrow. Hello school again! Definitely I will miss...
my cousins and my cute babies.
my titas.
our long talk and conversations every night.
our gimik moments.
our food trip every now and then.
my bedroom.
my bum moments (internet, tv, gimiks et al.)
the laid back life here in Capas.
EVERYTHING as long as it is related to my family and friends.

But at the end of the day, I should live up to what my blog says " I live ergo I do what I love!" Go away sad and negative thoughts!

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