TGIF or not?

FRIDAY!!! weeeeeeee! I love fridays! It's the best part of the week. I'm going home to Tarlac. *TVD Day!
On the other hand, here's the bad part. I have three major papers to do this weekend, 1000 words in each paper. huhu. HELP! In effect, I can't come to my friends' party tonight. I'm sure I'm going to miss a lot. I really want to go but my conscience is killing me. I have to live up to my mantra: School first, fun later. PATIENCE. PATIENCE. PATIENCE. My hardships will end soon and my endeavors will pay off. I just have to believe in myself. It's a cliche already but NEVER say NEVER! I can do this!

*TVD- The Vampire Diaries (one of the TV Series I'm obsessed watching)

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