first of May

First day of the month. First blog entry for May. Woot woot! :))

I wanna share a cute text I received from a Chief of Police earlier. Just a brief background, I'm doing a feature essay on one environmentalist and an artist paired with the environmentalist. The environmentalist I was assigned to is a Chief of Police - Senior Superintendent Romeo Magsalos. His advocacy is about anti-plastic and styrofoam campaign. Few days ago, I texted him to give me additional information about his life aside from being a policeman but he didn't respond. Last night, I checked my email and saw that he sent me the information I've been asking him to give me so I texted and thanked him. Going back the text message stuff... early this morning, he replied in my text and said "snsya na for d delay ngaun lang talaga nagka time hehehe". It may look too shallow but it's just funny that a Chief of Police will text that way and take note there's a "hehehe". I just find it cute. This simple incident made me smile this morning. :)

Lesson learned: Even simple things can make us smile.
But I think this depends on one's personality. Well, I'm the "mababaw" type of person. I easily appreciate things.

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