Happy Birthday Andre and Andrew!

May 21, 2000, God has blessed us with an identical twin in the family. They are Andre and Andrew Medrano. And oh, these two are one of the cutest boys in the universe!

*sigh* Years go by like weeks or even like days. Years ago, they were just the little boys who came home in the Philippines and now they are grown-ups already. They're 11 years old already!!! Time flies so fast.

Still, I wish the both of them a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

You will always be the most special twin in my life. I love you so much Andre and Andrew. This blog post is dedicated for you.  :))))

Andrew and Andre, when they were still babies. How adorable! <3

grumpy Andre :)

cutie patootie Andrew :)

aww, they look so tired. hahaha

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDRE and ANDREW!!!! Lots of love from ate yanyan. Sending you my virtual hugs and kisses. :))))

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