Happy Birthday Julia Gimena :)

Before, it was only me and Bianca who are the girls in our cousinhood. And we would usually tease our uncles and aunts that their next child should be a girl but unfortunately, boys are dominating us. Until time came when God gave us a very pretty girl named Julia Gimena, the daughter of my Tito Hilbert and Tita Pam.

I've been waiting so long to have a baby girl in the family because Bianca and I are no longer kids. That's why I was so happy when I heard the news that Tita Pam is going to have a baby girl. May 25, 2008 marked the birth of this pretty baby girl.

It was also on 2008 when their family came home in the Philippines but unluckily, Julia was still inside Tita Pam's tummy. It's just so sad that I haven't see her in person since she was born. But I've heard so many stories about her during her growing up years, my relatives would tell us that she's so talkative and talented which makes me miss her more. Thank goodness we have modern technologies because I am able to talk to her through Skype. She's such a sweet girl. :)))

Here are the photos of I Julia that I collected (thanks to Tita Pam and Mikkel's albums in facebook):

She enjoys the swimming pool.

oh no! don't bite the umbrella! it's not delicious

in her Halloween costume, my favorite pumpkin!

I love her outfit! she looks like she's going to dance a flamenco. (but wait, who's that boy chasing her??? NOOOO! hahaha)

cute smile :)))

hahahaha I love this maldita smile!!! :))))

Julia the nerd!

wow! she has a modelling potential. nice! :)

To my pretty cousin, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hoping to see you soon! I miss and love you so much Julia!!!! :)))))

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