Have you ever experienced being so mad at a person and you reached the point that even you just hear that person's name, your temper is bursting and it will ruin your day? YES! This is what I am experiencing now. I am so hating this person/classmate of mine in UP. He did so many bad things to me, everything piled up already: a.) he made me look stupid b.) he disclosed my secret c.) he embarrassed me and so on. ugghh! grrrr! I'm so mad at him. Just a single word from him, I don't even wanna hear. I don't want him to be around or near me. I might lose control of my temper. He irritates me badly! This is the first time I felt this intense anger and irritation. I don't want to feel his presence nor hear his voice! Whenever he speaks in class, it ruins my day terribly! ugggh! why can't you evaporate just for a couple of hours??? (even just during my class wherein he is my classmate) Or better, why don't you just graduate already? Oh forgive me but I almost forgot, how can a delinquent student like you graduate on time? like hello? who are we fooling?? You've been in UP for how many years already. can't remember. gaaaahd! I regret the day that I let you intrude my life. We should never been friends in the first place.  Forgive me for saying these words but I am really annoyed, irritated, angry, mad, etc. I hope I won't see you around in UP!

I know time will come that it'll pass but not anytime soon. And even though I FORGIVE, I NEVER FORGET!

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