Hongkong will always be a very memorable place to me. It is where I had my first out of the country experience! I took so many pictures and now I'm having a hard time choosing on what to put on my blog. SOS! jk :)))

My 4-day trip was a roller-coaster experience.  I'm so happy that I had this kind of opportunity, of course thanks to my dad for sponsoring this trip. :)

Top Ten HK Experience:

1. arrival at HK International Airport. Since it is my first out of the country trip, I felt very excited when I stepped in HK's airport.

2. strut the streets of HK! I realized that when you're in HK, you'll never get tired of walking. Just enjoy walking the happy and lively streets of this place.

Tsim Sha Tsui.. Maritime Park.. Shanghai Street

3. Avenue of Stars. It reminds me of Eastwood's Walk of Fame but the difference is, Avenue of Stars is a scenic spot by the bay.

4. Wax Museum. This is an incredible one for me! The wax replicas of famous personalities look very real. They are really amazing. It seems that you already met them in person. Good job for those who made these wax statues!

guess who are these famous personalities 

5. Victoria Peak. An overview of the city plus the magnificence of the lights took my breath away. I would enjoy the view more if I'm with the one I love (yuck! here I go again: my hopeless romantic side!)

6. my favorite shot: JUMP SHOT! 

7. Disneyland!!! Of course, my trip won't be complete if I don't go to one of the happiest places in the world! :)) I felt like I was a little kid again while I was in Disneyland. The feeling is incomparable!

8. meet new people. I'm so lucky to meet fellow Filipinos in HK. The families that I met are very very kind especially Tito Ed and Tita Carmen.

biggest pic: dinner at Pleasant Palace Seafood Restaurant. Upper right pic: with Tito Ed and Tita Carmen Salinas at the Aberdeen Fishing Village. Lower right pic: a Filipino family based in Singapore (I forgot their surname)

9. food trip! california maki, japanese style rice, dumplings, noodles, burger and my favorite drink: milk tea! :)

10. shopping is <3! on my first day, I went to Maritime Square and Ladies' Market; the next night, had a walking adventure in search for Cotton On Store at Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (Kuya Ico asked me to buy him 2 shirts) and on my last night, had shopping and pasalubong buying at Ladies' Market again and Temple Market.

P.S.  I didn't go alone to HK. I was with one of my travel buddies, Ate Vanessa Zarate. :))

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