Last night, I watched *Armageddon (okay I know I'm too outdated!). But I like the story, it reminded me of the 2012 catastrophe. Oh well, I hope it isn't true. I love everything about Armageddon. And oh can I just say? I love you Bruce Willis! The scene when he sacrificed for AJ was a tear-jerker! One of the bravest deeds I've seen in a movie. Can't help but cry especially when he was bidding good bye to his daughter.

On the other hand, I'm so happy yesterday because *Professor Datuin finally approved the second draft of my feature essay. She said it was good. What a relief! Few more polishing and I'm down to my final draft! yahoooooooo! She's one of the best professors I've had here in UP. She's really good in mentoring. Though there are other students who are afraid of her because she has this terror aura. But hey, once you've been her student, you will really appreciate her because she's so approachable and when she criticizes your work, she will say it in a nice way and she will really help you in improving your work. I'm really learning a lot from her.

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*Armageddon- a 1998 film starring Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and many more.
*Professor Datuin- one of the dreaded professors in the UP Dept. of Art Studies' my professor in AS192: Art Criticism and AS193: Gender Issues in the Arts

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