At last! I already had an experience of going to a famous festival here in the Philippines - Pahiyas Festival! I didn't intend to go to this festival because I have no companion but at the last minute my friend Mia invited me to  come and witness this very colorful festival! :)) When it comes to travel and adventure, I am easily convinced. So without having second thoughts, I said yes to her.

Things you shouldn't miss once you go to Lucban Quezon for the Pahiyas Festival:

1. Eat pansit habhab. As much as possible, do not use fork or spoon when eating eat. :)

habhab moments with ate lei and ate mia ( my friends in UP)

2. Eat the colorful kiping: either fried or grilled. But I like more the grilled kiping because it tastes like nachos.

fried kiping!

3. Visit a friend or someone you know who is in Lucban.

at the house of Sir Ringgo Dela Paz. From L-R: ate lei, me, Sir Ringgo, our UP professors: Prof. Cecilia Dela Paz (dept. of Art Studies Chairperson) and Prof. Felipe de Leon (NCCA Chairperson)

4. Pasalubong shopping: native handicrafts, broas, apas, puto seko, otap, etc. (sorry I wasn't able to take pictures of the other pasalubong) and of course the ever famous Lucban longganisa!

5. Certainly, take a lot of PICTURES!!!!!

It was a tiring yet fun-filled day! One Philippine Festival down, many to go!!!! I will definitely find a way to witness all the other Philippine Festivals. Anything for the love of traveling, exploring and adventure! :))

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