The word "terrible" would probably encapsulate my situation last night. We experienced a brownout at home! What's worse is, while we were watching Mara Clara (ok I'm corny but whatever) and the scene is at its climax, that's the moment when the power is gone. ugh! Terrible moment! And then the brown out lasted for hours, just imagine the extreme heat! I didn't get a sound sleep. :( It was TERRIBLE! But thank God because I already finished my 3-page exhibit review before the lights went off. *sigh* Well at least, everything isn't terrible after all.

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Too many things to do today:
1. I need to get my TCG at CAL records section. (for my scholarship)
2. I must go to ate JT and ask her to evaluate my standing so my status will be changed from regular to graduating, I hope she'd allow me but hello? I only have 21 units left. (FINGERS-CROSSED.)
3. I'm going to SM North because my aunt asked me to buy something for her. (I might probably unwind for a few minutes, eat.eat.eat.hahaha)
4. I need to finish revising my 8 Filipina feature essay which is due on Friday.
5. I should download my fave TV series: One Tree Hill, Hellcats and Glee (too many!)
6. I need a BREAK!

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