almost at the tip of losing it.

Just when I was about to lose my hope, enthusiasm and passion for one of my treasured possessions I have in college, an orgmate/friend messaged me and it was so inspiring. Her words uplifted me. And thanks also to some good friends who showed their comfort (it may not be physically, but I really appreciate it). All of these kind words really helped for me not to lose it and give it up. I know I screwed up many times but not this time, I'm not going to let things screw up again. I'm sure we are going to pull this off.

I want to share what this friend of mine told me:

"I told myself when I left UPS that I'll never dwell on anything that has something to do with the current leadership team. But I need to give my piece as i've been there, and i was able to handle it. 

Remember this, leaders affect, not otherwise. Continue to struggle and do things on your own if that's the only thing to make this thing pass excellently.Never lose your will, nor think you are doing too much compared to them.. If you let those thoughts infect you, you will easily give up - then, that's not passion. I just wouldn't know what Erap was thinking when the entire Philippines was against him, but kudos, he manage to dwell on things alone - gracefully. I can't blame them for not having the 'it' for the things that you do. Nor can I blame you for losing your passion for this one because of them. This is character building. During Lovestrock, we felt, the four of us, doing things on our own. But we never complained, yes we did, but we keep those coming on our own, and we continue to infect enthusiasm to the organization - though sa totoo lang, even I, felt this: Baka hindi to maging successful. But we never talked, never let anyone feel we have doubts, nor let even a single one feel that we are discouraged to work because no one is helping us. Remember, being mad because you are not being helped on things is PASSION to succeed - The WANT to win. Being discouraged on the other hand is a different thing - the worst possible scenario that could happen. 

I really feel you. But this things is just about mindset. Now that I am working, I feel deeply what leadership truly means. I thought before it's just being organize, being able to do this, to do that, to delegate this, to raise funds more than enough. ERRR. no. I couldn't even explain what leadership is all about now. I am not sure if I made my point clear. Just hold on to the idea that when we were in your position, we also felt your clamour. it truly sucks, but I care no more, because the end goal stands - this too shall pass, and it will pass excellently, better than the former year.

Execom, good job so far! Yes, we hear what's happening even though we are so away, seemingly - we don't care. When the world is nearly collapsing, remember, never think of dying, start building an spaceship, and someone has to learn how to drive it."

From Ate Grace Tanedo.

Really inspring. :) Thank you so much ate Grace.

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