Goodbye summer 2011...

I have to admit that I experienced hardships this summer due to the subjects I took this summer class but Summer 2011 was my best summer so far!!!

Three reasons why I love Summer 2011. :))

First, I surpassed my summer class with flying colors. My professors really challenged me to do my best.  Taking PI 100 and AS 192 was worth it. My endeavors paid off. I'm proud of what I achieved and what I've become after taking the said subjects.

In PI 100, our group got a "sobrasaliente" (excellent) grade for our "Lakbay-aral" and our project was featured at Sir Siao Campoamor's blog. For complete photos and features just browse it in the appended link. http://siaobanahaw.multiply.com/journal

with my groupmates for our PI 100 "Lakbay-aral sa Intramuros"

In AS 192, the essays and exhibit study guides we did for the class were posted on tumblr. Seeing my works and contributions in an online site gives me a feeling of happiness and contentment. Feel free to read my works and my classmates' works too. http://kiritica.tumblr.com/

A snapshot of our class' tumblr. The thumbnails are the works we did for the class.

Second, I had the chance to have an out of the country trip. (see previous blog posts) :)))

And third, this is the summer where I had many spontaneous doings with my spontaneous friends, most of the time with Yam, Ervin and Bahm. Thank you Twitter because our "lakwatsa" moments became possible. One tweet or just one text then we're ready to go and do something that will kill our boredom.

How spontaneous are we? Just look at the pictures below.

1. This was after we went to Marquee Mall to see Ervin but he left already. BOOO! Then when we got home at Yam's house, we took for granted her laptop's photobooth (lol), did some covers of songs like The Man who Can't be Moved, Hanging by a Moment, Torete, etc. and we also watched movies ( A Walk to Remember and The Notebook). While watching A Walk to Remember, I burst into tears. My friends laughed at me because all throughout I was crying. BOO me! hahaha

me, Yam, Bahm and Miele

2. Kung Fu Panda 2 then ate at Xtremely Xpresso.

with Bahm and Ervin

Kung Fu Panda 2 moviemates!
3.  Katy Perry Night! Bahm made a margarita drink then played games using Moniegold tamarind candies. We played in pairs. Then afterwards, we played cops and robbers. FUN NIGHT!

welcome back aaron and yhow! We missed you!

Katy Perry teams! (we look haggard already)
And the LOSERS are... TEAM E.T. (Miele and Ervin) hahahahaha!!!! 

4. X-Men First Class. This is the second movie I watched this summer vacation. And I loved it! I also love the characters and those who portrayed the characters (especially Havoc and Banshee) I'm in love with them. <3 Btw, we missed Yam! Usually, she's with us whenever we go to Marquee Mall.

bahm holding our movie tickets

My summer was filled with spontaneity. As much as I hate to say this, I should bid goodbye summer 2011, I will definitely miss you. :( In 3 days now, I'm going back to school again. Hello first semester 2011-2012. Good luck to me and to my friends too! Good luck everyone for the brand new school year!

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  1. I was following an education string, found your blog, and decided to sayu hello. In America, summer begins June 21. I am not in school, but your share reminds me what is ahead for me. When I graduated in 1995, no one imagined posting essays online, so my venture into academia will be one of change