Side trip to Macau!

Going to Macau was an unplanned trip, I was only booked for HK but then Ate Vanessa and I decided to have a side trip to Macau since it's just an hour away from HK via ferry ride. I got overwhelmed when I saw the tall buildings of Macau and most specially the casinos (but I didn't appreciate them that much because I'm not into gambling hahaha).

Anyway, here are some of the places, based from my experience, that you shouldn't miss once you go to Macau:

1. see the Kuan Iam Statue.

2. Macau Tower. Try the activities offered in Macau Tower such as Sky Jump, Bungy Jumping, Sky Walk, etc. and feel the rush of your adrenaline. Too bad I wasn't able to try any activity during my visit there because we don't have enough time and no enough money to pay for the activity.

3. try the lunch buffet at Pousada Marina Infante. This hotel offers different kinds of cuisine from Chinese to Japanese cuisine. Their sushi here is very delicious. And I also loved their Chinese fried rice, as the saying goes "Kanin pa lang, ulam na". I really ate a lot. Sinful day for me! :)))

4. visit the A-ma Temple. If you're a believer of Buddhism, you should never miss to visit this place. Well, I only have few background about Buddhism (lessons from high school and college) so I just enjoyed my temple visit and took different pictures for my memorabilia.

5. The Venetian Hotel. This is my most favorite place in Macau!!! It seems that I already went to Venice, Italy to see the gondolas. Unfortunately, we didn't have the luxury of time to ride a gondola because our ferry boat back to HK will leave at 5:00pm. We were at the Venetian at 4:00 and we need to reach the ferry terminal by 4:30pm. So we only have 30 minutes left and it's not enough for a gondola ride. Sad :((

6. Buy pasalubong. I don't know the English translation of this store but its delicacies are really good. Must buy: egg rolls and almond cookies! These are some of their specialties.

Though it was only a day trip to Macau, it was all worth it. :)) After this trip, I got eager to travel more to different places. :)) I should start saving now! GOAL: Have a solo trip paid by yours truly. I should achieve it SOON!

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