FAMILY time is the BEST!

In a few days time, my family will head back to US again. *sigh* :( But their 19-day stay here in the Philippines was a blast. We all had fun and my sacrifices were worth it. Even though it was tiring to go home to Tarlac every other day, it's alright because I know I rarely spend quality time with my family. I've never been this happy for the longest time. How I wish I could have more "family time".

Whenever I think that they will leave on July 17, I get teary-eyed. I am really so attached with my family that's why it's so hard for me whenever we part ways. Ok, enough of my dramas. On a lighter note, I wanna share some happy moments with them.

Our first bonding moment was sleeping at my grandparents' house. Since my grandparents died, the old house was emptied. No one resides there anymore because most of my grandparents' children are in the US already, only two were left here in the Philippines. When I was a kid, I usually live in the old house but eventually I moved in to our own house. We are so glad that we somehow brought back the joy and happiness in the old house. I know my grandparents feel the same way too.

bianca, andre, me, renz, joshua and our tita helen


MALL time! Lunch at Yellow Cab then we watched Transformers 3 (as requested by Andre) then Andre asked if we can drop by at Phil Air Force Park (we used to go there when they were still little)

at SM Clark Cinema

carmel, tita ria, tita mumay, bianca, tita helen, tita aileen with her baby yeye, me, gian, andre, joshua

Next stop: Ocean Adventure (Subic, Zambales). We were supposed to go to Zoobic Safari Adventure and Tree Top Adventure but we end up going to Ocean Adventure. The weather didn't cooperate well but we still had fun though. :)

me, andre, renz and Daddy (he is my uncle but I call him daddy)

sea lion kisses Bianca. hahaha

After Subic, we headed to Bakasyunan Resort (Iba, Zambales). Yes it was a road trip to Zambales. hahaha!

tita, what are you doing to us? hahaha!

Tita Helen (with andre) and her brother Homer (with renz)

I will surely miss Tita Helen and Andre.  I will miss the times whenever Andre kisses and hugs me and tells me "I love you ate yanyan". I will also miss whenever Tita Helen tells me how proud she is to me and how I used to be their little baby before. :( Tita Helen is like a mother to me and Andre is like my little brother (I wish Andre's twin was with  us too - Andrew).

my tita Helen

my sweet cousin Andre
Hope my father, my other aunts and uncles, and other cousins will be able to go home in the Philippines too so we will be complete. I wonder when are we going to be complete? Time will come!

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