JULY: A month dedicated for watching..

July was the month wherein I was able to watch different kinds of shows from mainstream to live shows. This was my first time to watch many shows in just a month and my eyes were very satisfied! :)) HAPPY WATCHING to me! hahaha.

Here's a breakdown of what I've watched last July:

1. Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon (July 02, 2011) - one of the most memorable movie in my entire life because I watched it with my family. It really mattered to me because I can't even remember the last time we watched a movie as a family. After watching, I had this "yehey-finally" moment.

I don't have many comments about this movie because I wasn't able to watch the previous installments of Transformers. I just have to give credit to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley because she's so hot! haha. But I think Megan Fox is still the best to portray the role. 

2. Monte Carlo (July 07, 2011) - I watched this with Yam Macalino at Trinoma. The story was mediocre but I liked it because Yam and I are Leighton Meester fans. hahaha. Plus, the movie was a little bit about traveling that's why I was so eager to watch it. When Paris was featured in the movie, I felt so jealous because traveling to Europe is one of my goals in life. :)

3. Rizal X (July 21, 2011) - Rizal X is a theater show conceptualized and directed by Dexter M. Santos (my professor in Theater 130: Stage Movement Class). Of course, we were required to watch this, but even if I wasn't mandated to watch it, I will still watch it because the concept was good. It was a musical play, the songs were all original, the choreography was simple yet hip and groovy. I would say Rizal X was way better than Glee. Two thumbs up to the whole production team of Rizal X and to Dulaang UP too. :)

4. Babae Septic Tank (July 26, 2011) - No wonder why this movie won different awards and Eugene Domingo won as Best Actress. This indie film was really good. It was like a movie within a movie, it also served as a lens for the ordinary people to have a know-how about indie film-making. The comedy factor in the movie was a bonus. It was a laugh trip, I would say. Though there were points of weakness in the movie like for example, it tackled again about poverty and the slums. This theme has been used several times in other indie films. 

So far, this was my best Cinemalaya experience. Why? Because I was able to see in person the whole cast of Babae sa Septic Tank. Luckily, Coco Martin was also present in the screening!! I was star-struck! :))) wooohooo!!!

My companions: ate lai, mackie and The cast of Babae sa Septic Tank. Too bad my face wasn't seen well. :(

COCO MARTIN <3!!!! I almost fainted!

5. UAAP Season 74 Basketball Game (July 30, 2011) - yesssss! Another goal checked on my list! Finally, I got to watch a live basketball game. Since I was a college freshman, I've been aiming to watch a basketball game in Araneta and I was only able to watch now that I am a college senior. Oh well, it's okay. At least, I was able to show my support to my team (UP Fighting Maroons). 

The first game was between UP and Ateneo. I already expected that Ateneo will win but I have to commend the Fighting Maroons for giving them a UP fight. They didn't give up. And can I just say? The Ateneo Blue Eagles are soooooo handsome and very "maangas" on court especially Kiefer Ravena and Nico Salva. :)) But, I am still loyal to the UP Fighting Maroons, there are also hot, good and handsome players from my school like Mike Gamboa, Gelo Montecastro, and Mike Silungan. But my most favorite is JETT MANUEL (Jersey number 6)! He's super CUTE! His smile energizes the whole court. I fell in love on how he plays inside the court. He's a good sport and he's not afraid to take chances. Trivia: He is an engineering student. What else can you ask for? Good basketball player na, gwapo and cute na, from UP at MATALINO pa! Complete package! :))) *And oh, I want a "Jett that Ball" shirt. hahaha* I'm his ultimate fan girl. :))))

JETT MANUEL!!!! <3 :)))
Photos courtesy of University Basketball League during UP-FEU game

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  1. Jett Manuel returns to the Fighting Maroons this UAAP season! Ang galing niya ha