sad day :(

I watched the game between UP and FEU. All throughout the game, I was so enthusiastic and energetic because UP was putting up a great fight by leading the game. Suddenly, everything changed during the last few minutes of the 4th quarter. FEU trailed UP, they led the game in the last few seconds. The game ended with a win by FEU. I was so upset after the game and I even cried because I've witnessed the efforts exerted by the UP Fighting Maroons just to win this one. When I saw the players' faces while singing the UP hymn, I felt more sad because we could have sang the hymn happily if we had that victory. The victory was almost in our hands but lost it. :(( Anyway, I just want to look at the positive and brighter side, maybe this happened because something better is waiting for the UP Maroons. Win or lose, I still LOVE my team. UP Fight! :)

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