waiting sucks. YES or NO? --idk.

Ever since, I've never been lucky in this aspect of my life. God knows how I keep on praying hard for it to come and happen. I always tell myself "one day". But I've been saying it for the nth time yet here I am, same old me. :( #sadtruth

I don't understand myself, sometimes I don't want to feel it but the feeling of wanting my prayer to be answered is stronger. I can't help but get jealous with other people when I see that they are very happy when it comes to what I am talking about.

For the nth time, it's been not reciprocated. I don't know why. :(

Waiting sucks you know, yes waiting sucks in ALL aspects! But even if I know it sucks, here I am still waiting and waiting.. ugggh! I hate this part of me. I've been asking for it as my birthday or Christmas gift but nothing happens. oh well... this is such a pathetic post!

I really HOPE and PRAY that one day I will say "FINALLY! It's worth the wait" and "I've waited so long to be this happy." When's that day???


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  1. i dont know exactly what you're waiting for....BUT patience does pay off well :) keep your head up and enjoy what you have NOW! more will come in the future. love always~Tita Michelle