because I LOVE UP!!!!

every UAAP cheer dance competition, the hardest and most challenging experience is to have a ticket. it is because a lot of students from different universities badly want to witness the competition LIVE! and i am one of those desperate people. :))) 2 years ago, i camped out at araneta just to have a ticket. during that season, UP placed 3rd. now it is my last year in college (hopefully), that's why i was so desperate to get a ticket.

here's my story about this year's CDC...


first attempt: first day of release of tickets in araneta (september 14, 2011), i went there before 9am and as expected the line was very LOOOOOONG already! at first, the security assured us that everyone will be able to get a ticket. i was so happy and i had set my mind that i would skip my thesis class if ever i won't make it on time going back to UP. when i was already near the gate of the ticket booth, the security suddenly announced that there are no more tickets. i was really upset that time. :(

second attempt: i tried to go to the UP gym, and once again my hopes of having a ticket was crashed! the tickets were sold out already so i contacted my friends from other universities, but still i wasn't able to find one.

third attempt: never say never! the day of the CDC, i woke up early to try my luck again. i was at araneta with jasmin and pat around 6am. we were patiently waiting for the tickets to be released. suddenly, a blessing came! around 11am, my friend gelyn texted me that she has an extra upper box ticket. i was very HAPPY that time!!! thank God, pat and jasmin were also able to get their tickets.

here is the very precious ticket!

before CDC: pat, jasmin and I got so bored while waiting for the ticket release and so we thought of just doing this video. hahaha


we were able to get inside the big dome around 1pm and the competition proper started at 3pm. again, i'm so grateful that gelyn had an extra ticket. thank you sooooo much gelyn! and thanks also to ron and babsy for the company! i'm glad i was with these people.

with my friends and fellow art studies majors: Ron, Babsy and Gelyn! :)

showing my all out support to the UP Pep Squad!!! UP FIGHT!

the ever supportive UP crowd! we dominated the big dome!!!!

UP crowd proudly yelling "Unibersidad ng Pilipinas! Unibersidad ng Pilipinas!"


announcement of the winners!!!! UP swept all the awards! Group stunt competition, stunner award and the most coveted title - UAAP 2011 Cheer Dance Competition Champion!!!! fyi, UP Pep Squad also won last year's CDC, back to back champions! :)))

that moment when Boom Gonzales said "and STILL the defending champions...", everyone screamed out loud!!!!

SCHOOL SPIRIT! VICTORY! everything was worth it. good thing i never gave up in finding a ticket. i love UP Pep Squad!!! Congratulations! you made the whole UP community proud. :)

confetti!!!!!! happiness!!!

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