half-day in UP today (no classes in the afternoon) because it was the investiture of our UP President. anyway, my orgmates in UP Sandiwa and i spent our afternoon wisely (no to academic stuffs!) and so we decided to chill at our tambayan: chitchat-eat-tease-chitchat et al. i left my orgmates around 1pm so i could go to the UP gym with Jasmin hoping that we can get our cheerdance tickets but unfortunately, we weren't able to get one. :( moving on, we decided to go back to our tambayan and i told my orgmates/friends how my hopes and dreams in watching this year's cheerdance competition was crashed. i was really upset but thank God they were still there to lessen my BV mood.

then here comes our "spur-of-the-moment" moments... noel kept on saying that he wants to eat some apple turon, and i am craving too. i decided to buy some apple turon at CASAA, i bought 30pcs. i thought 30pcs would be enough but knowing these people (saying it behind my mind), 30pcs won't be enough. hahaha. :))
Note: it was their first time to eat apple turon, they just knew about it because of me! hahaha

seems like everybody wasn't satisfied, we decided to have food trip along LB(lutong-bahay) street. on our way to LB, i was surprised that noel told us some tidbits about his life or should i say lovelife? peace noel :)) we were the noisiest while walking in the academic oval but who cares? we're in UP, we have this "walang basagan ng trip" attitude. LOL.

at LB: fruit shake galore plus yummy fries, i forgot the stall's name! (but i just love the fries, they taste like NYFD fries. MUST TRY!)

here's the last and best part of our spur-of-the-moment drama: FRISBEE! we enjoyed playing frisbee at the track oval, behind UP Bahay ng Alumni. let me share some pictures and videos i took while we were at the track oval.

from left to right: noel, adana, charles, kat, mackie (too bad layton, faye and michelle left earlier, karla also came but she was not included in the pics and videos because she was late)

what a hair charles and mackie!!

presenting the amateur frisbee players:

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