casual thoughts...

I've been very happy and very lucky in different aspects of my life and I am so thankful for that. But even though I'm filled with happiness in these aspects, there's still something missing. I've never been lucky with one aspect (i don't wanna go in detail), sometimes I ask myself "am I doomed? am I ill-fated when it comes to this one? :(" I HOPE NOT because by far, I've never experienced happiness in this aspect. At times, I really wanna give up waiting and just escape away from this wretchedness. There are also times that I am full of hope and I don't wanna lose my grip. I hope one day, I'm gonna write on this blog how happy I am that FINALLY I am happy already.


Palauig, Zambales

Have you ever been to a beautiful place where only few people know about it? Lucky me! I was able to witness a hidden paradise somewhere in the mountains of Palauig, Zambales. I never knew that such place existed. People in Zambales call it "Dampay" which was named after its small village vicinity. It took us 30 minutes or so in a rough road plus a 10-15 minute walk to reach the place but the moment I saw the place, my exhaustion subsided. I was in awe because the water was cool, clean and clear. The rush of the water was a music to my ears.

Seeing the place, reminded me of Cagayan de Oro (eliminate the white water rafting adventure). You can't do other activities here because there are several rocks and stones around the area. But you will still enjoy playing in the water and feel the water current brawl against your body. The place was indeed worth-seeing! :)

Here's what we rode on our way to Dampay...

The scenic place... nature's hidden beauty.

Tree Top Adventure!

I really LOVE ADVENTURES! If I have lots of money, I would splurge it into travelling and experiencing different kinds of adventures rather than buying shoes, clothes, bags, etc. :)

October 17, 2011- aside from my dad's birthday, I went to Subic with my friends for the nth time. Although I already went to Subic for several times, it was my first time to try Tree Top Adventure! I badly wanted to try all the activities  in Tree Top but due to budget shortage, I have to choose only a few. Hehe.

my fellow tree top adventurers: JP, erwin, jen, neil, des, sly, sab and jerone

all set for the activities! *wearing my safety gears* :))

Activity: Trailing. In this activity, all we have to do is to cross different bridges then attach our harness on the rope above then detach it all by ourselves. But it's a bit scary because the bridges are shaky. If I am not mistaken, I think we crossed 4 or 5 bridges to reach to the starting point of the canopy ride.

with my friends: Sly and Des

our UGLY FACES! hahaha :) 60ft high off the ground!!

Activity: Canopy Ride. This one's sort of a cable car. We transfer from one point to another, we started from a low point then go up to the highest point which I think is around 80ft! HANGING BY A MOMENT ang peg! hahaha

we're so high off the ground!

And my most favorite activity: Superman Ride!!!! It was a pseudo-flying moment! wooohooo HAHAHA!

Unfortunately, I  wasn't able to try the Tree Drop activity because I didn't make it on the cut-off time. :( Anyway there's always a next time! 


John's Kitchen

My friends (yam, bahm and tabs) decided to dine out tonight. Our friend Mikko recommended to try John's Kitchen. It is a resto located at Timog Park Homes, Friendship Highway, Clark Pampanga. He said that the food there was sumptuous and very affordable so we agreed to eat there. When we came to the resto, the ambiance was quiet, calm and yeah I must say kinda relaxing but then we were shocked that the price range of the food was from 125-400 pesos (so that's really affordable Mikko ha? LOL)

Moving on, we had no choice but to stay there because it would be embarrassing if we will leave and in fact, we were the "bueno mano" costumers for the day. :)))

tabs and yam

me and bahm

we ordered...

Surf and Turf (spare ribs with mussels, shrimp and onion wrongs) - this is the bestseller of John's Kitchen! Must try!!! :)))

Porter House Steak (beef steak with vegetable dressing, mashed potato)

Roast Beef Salad

Seafood Linguini - I ordered this because I'm a pasta lover!

At first, we had doubts if dining in this resto will be worth it but after we ate, we were all satisfied and fulfilled. HAPPY TUMMY! yay! :))) On our way home, we kept on talking about John's Kitchen and because we were so preoccupied with the food, we lost in track of the direction. We missed our turn to go right so the patrol in Clark blew a whistle on us and wanted to charge us obstruction on the road. I was so nervous that time but luckily we surpassed it! Talk about charms. hahaha kiddin! Thank God the patrol was kind and considerate. :)

Another spontaneous experience with my spontaneous friends!!!! :)))) HAPPINESS!!!!


Disney Live! Mickey's Music Festival

Most of us are very familiar with Disney, right? I mean, Disney has become a part of our childhood days (my generation and others who can relate with me). I think it is every child's dream to see Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters in person. When I was a kid, I dreamed of going to Disneyland, see the Disney characters, et al. I was able to fulfill  these dreams now that I am already 19 years old. haha. Better late than never! Last summer I was in Disneyland and that was one of the happiest moments of my life so far.

Even though I already witnessed the Disney characters perform in person, I still watched the Mickey's Music Festival at SMART Araneta Coliseum last October 6, 2011. I was supposed to watch it with Tita Ei, Tito Kg and their baby Yeye but unfortunately Yeye had her asthma attack, so I ended up watching alone. But it's okay, I had fun watching the show and I enjoyed listening to some Disney songs! That moment, brought me back to my childhood days and I felt happpy! :) The timing was perfect and right because I came from a long and hard day in school. Time to have fun!

Allow me to share some pictures and videos I took during the show. I was seated at Lower Box so the pics and videos are a bit far but they are tolerable though. :D

the stage

goofy, minnie, mickey and donald


The Little Mermaid (Ariel)

Toy Story! (Bull's eye and Woody)

Closing scene! *clap clap clap*

I think everyone is familiar with this song: a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view... lalala

Theme song in Little Mermaid... under the sea, under the sea...

presenting the Toy Story Characters!!!

the finale number of Disney characters!!!!


Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 2: Beauty and The Feast

Another Gossip Girl day for me! My most favorite part of this episode was the concluding scene! It was EPIC!!!!

Blair: What if I lose everything?
Dan: You still have me.
*Blair smiles then they hugged!*

Haaay this scene was "nakakakilig"!!! Blair and Dan really have this indescribable chemistry! I love them!

(insert my hopeless romantic part) When time comes that I'll be saying Blair's lines, I hope there will also be a Dan Humphrey who will utter those words for me. :( :)

And I agree with Gossip Girl's final words: "Maybe it's not blood bonds that make us a family. Perhaps it's the people who know our secrets & love us any way so we can finally be ourselves."