John's Kitchen

My friends (yam, bahm and tabs) decided to dine out tonight. Our friend Mikko recommended to try John's Kitchen. It is a resto located at Timog Park Homes, Friendship Highway, Clark Pampanga. He said that the food there was sumptuous and very affordable so we agreed to eat there. When we came to the resto, the ambiance was quiet, calm and yeah I must say kinda relaxing but then we were shocked that the price range of the food was from 125-400 pesos (so that's really affordable Mikko ha? LOL)

Moving on, we had no choice but to stay there because it would be embarrassing if we will leave and in fact, we were the "bueno mano" costumers for the day. :)))

tabs and yam

me and bahm

we ordered...

Surf and Turf (spare ribs with mussels, shrimp and onion wrongs) - this is the bestseller of John's Kitchen! Must try!!! :)))

Porter House Steak (beef steak with vegetable dressing, mashed potato)

Roast Beef Salad

Seafood Linguini - I ordered this because I'm a pasta lover!

At first, we had doubts if dining in this resto will be worth it but after we ate, we were all satisfied and fulfilled. HAPPY TUMMY! yay! :))) On our way home, we kept on talking about John's Kitchen and because we were so preoccupied with the food, we lost in track of the direction. We missed our turn to go right so the patrol in Clark blew a whistle on us and wanted to charge us obstruction on the road. I was so nervous that time but luckily we surpassed it! Talk about charms. hahaha kiddin! Thank God the patrol was kind and considerate. :)

Another spontaneous experience with my spontaneous friends!!!! :)))) HAPPINESS!!!!

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