Palauig, Zambales

Have you ever been to a beautiful place where only few people know about it? Lucky me! I was able to witness a hidden paradise somewhere in the mountains of Palauig, Zambales. I never knew that such place existed. People in Zambales call it "Dampay" which was named after its small village vicinity. It took us 30 minutes or so in a rough road plus a 10-15 minute walk to reach the place but the moment I saw the place, my exhaustion subsided. I was in awe because the water was cool, clean and clear. The rush of the water was a music to my ears.

Seeing the place, reminded me of Cagayan de Oro (eliminate the white water rafting adventure). You can't do other activities here because there are several rocks and stones around the area. But you will still enjoy playing in the water and feel the water current brawl against your body. The place was indeed worth-seeing! :)

Here's what we rode on our way to Dampay...

The scenic place... nature's hidden beauty.

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