Tree Top Adventure!

I really LOVE ADVENTURES! If I have lots of money, I would splurge it into travelling and experiencing different kinds of adventures rather than buying shoes, clothes, bags, etc. :)

October 17, 2011- aside from my dad's birthday, I went to Subic with my friends for the nth time. Although I already went to Subic for several times, it was my first time to try Tree Top Adventure! I badly wanted to try all the activities  in Tree Top but due to budget shortage, I have to choose only a few. Hehe.

my fellow tree top adventurers: JP, erwin, jen, neil, des, sly, sab and jerone

all set for the activities! *wearing my safety gears* :))

Activity: Trailing. In this activity, all we have to do is to cross different bridges then attach our harness on the rope above then detach it all by ourselves. But it's a bit scary because the bridges are shaky. If I am not mistaken, I think we crossed 4 or 5 bridges to reach to the starting point of the canopy ride.

with my friends: Sly and Des

our UGLY FACES! hahaha :) 60ft high off the ground!!

Activity: Canopy Ride. This one's sort of a cable car. We transfer from one point to another, we started from a low point then go up to the highest point which I think is around 80ft! HANGING BY A MOMENT ang peg! hahaha

we're so high off the ground!

And my most favorite activity: Superman Ride!!!! It was a pseudo-flying moment! wooohooo HAHAHA!

Unfortunately, I  wasn't able to try the Tree Drop activity because I didn't make it on the cut-off time. :( Anyway there's always a next time! 

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