Starving has never felt this good!

There are times that I keep asking myself "How am I going to make a difference?" Then an opportunity came. Last November 06, 2010, I became part of the first and largest hunger movement in our country - World Vision's 12-hr famine. As the name implies, participants are going to fast for 12 straight hours. No solid food intake.

Fast forward to November 19, 2011. World Vision held its second famine campaign at the Ynares Sports Arena. Thousands of youth have participated and I'm so glad that I'm one of those youth who took part in this fight against hunger. But some people would ask, why starve for 12 hours? It's simple. This 12-hr famine campaign wants us to feel and realize the hardships experienced by those who suffer from hunger due to certain circumstances. Indeed the feeling was not a joke. A lot of realizations and lessons came up after the 12-hr famine event.

On a personal note, I did not just participate but I also volunteered as an assistant facilitator for the learning activities. It was my most fulfilling day so far and it was one of the proudest moments of my life. So to the whole World Vision staff, I am very grateful to be part of such a great advocacy and to the people who helped me raise funds so I can donate to the needy, I can't thank you enough for sharing your blessings.

Cheers to the success of 12-hr famine! Till the next famine campaigns. :)))

Now, I'm a CERTIFIED HUNGER-FIGHTER! I got my answers. I made a difference and I can attest that starving has never felt this good!


Bon Chon Chicken

Most people especially children love fried chicken especially the ones sold at fast food chains like Mcdonalds, Jollibee or KFC. But when I was a kid, I eat fried chicken at fast food chains but not to the extent that I would always order it whenever I dine out. Not until college, Bon Chon chicken was introduced to me. I've been hearing a lot of feedback about this very famous fried chicken so I tried it when they opened their branch in Katipunan. I LOVED their chicken! Very crispy and you don't need any sauce or gravy because the chicken itself is tasty and palatable.

On a side note, I thought Bon Chon chicken tastes the same but it depends on the branch. I've tried Bon Chon in The Promenade Mall at Greenhills and I was a bit disappointed. For me, the one in Katipunan branch still tastes better.

Whenever I dine at Bon Chon, I always order the wings rice box (soy garlic flavor)! I enjoy eating every bit of the chicken wings part.

I've tried eating alone at Bon Chon, I wanted to enjoy my solitude then but it's still better if you are with your friends and savor the chicken over a bunch of stories and chitchats. :)))

my friends/orgmates in UP Diliman: Moti, Gelo, Jasmin, Pat, Kuya Ico, Ate Reina, Keempee, Gio, Mackie and Jade

Btw, Happy 11/11/11!!! May all our wishes come true! :))