"Binondo Girl" for a day

Disclaimer: No Chinese lineage runs in my blood.

I was a freshman college student when I first went to Binondo, Manila. It wasn't actually my intention or plan to go there but my History 2 professor said that he will give us extra points (GC days.. hahaha) if we will go there and witness the Chinese New Year Celebration.

Fast forward to present, I am a senior college student now and this time, I really wanted to experience Chinese New Year and explore Binondo. Thank goodness my friend/orgmate Pat had an assignment to visit Binondo for her travel writing class and so I grabbed the opportunity to go with her. Luckily, our other orgmates were also interested to join us. We ended up going with 5 of us in the group.

I forgot to bring my cam but thanks to my iPhone and instagram app for the pictures.


Here are some things that you are going to see and witness while exploring the streets of Binondo:

1. Lucky charms! Though I'm not a fan of these lucky charms.

2. Tikoy! Chinese New Year won't be complete without having a Tikoy in a household's dining table.

3. Dragon Dance Show! C'mon show me your dragon moves..

4. Eng Bee Tin's Hopia! This is the most delicious hopia (esp. hopia ube) I've ever tasted in my entire life! MUST TRY!


From L-R: Kuya Rovie, Pat, Gelo and Seph

This is going to be the last time that I'm gonna go to Binondo because most of us got BV (bad vibes) before heading home. I won't go into details because this blog post should be about positivity. Or maybe I'll come back here but not on a Chinese New Year Celebration. :)))

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