Fly Eagle Fly

Back in high school, I was a big fan of UAAP Men's Basketball particularly the Ateneo Blue Eagles team. I had a big admiration on this specific player (not to mention his name haha). I don't know why but he got my attention every time he's on the court. I even skipped school just to watch their championship game vs. UST. Unfortunately, they lost and then I cried.

Fast forward to February 13, 2010, a day before Valentine's Day. My organization in UP held a rock concert in Tarlac. The universe conspired with me that day. That favorite player I was talking about was at our event because he was promoting the Palarong Pambansa 2010 and was looking for youth volunteers. Of course as an organizer of the event, I had the privilege to talk to him and I volunteered at the event. My real intention was not to volunteer but to get closer to him. (hahahaha yeah those were my crazy days). It was the best Valentine's gift ever!

Now, it's been more than two years since I  met him. Though it was a very short encounter, meeting him was a proof that dreams really do come true. Shallow it may seem but sorry to say, this is my sentimental side.

He was an eagle who once stopped by in my life then flew again.

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