The "Cry Baby" in me

My friends and some close family members made an effort to get video messages from my relatives who are in the US. When I watched the videos, I cried. I am very sorry for being such a cry baby. I easily cry when it comes to my loved ones. 

First video: from Julia Gimena

This little girl never fails to make me happy. Whenever I talk to her, my tiredness vanishes. She is one of the sweetest kids! 

Second video: from Mikkel Gimena

I can't get any prouder of this boy because he had so many achievements at such a young age. Though he is already 12 years old, he will always be my little brother.

Third Video: from Carmel Razon

Carmel is the most "mataray" little girl I've ever known but she's very very sweet and talented.

Fourth Video: from Tito Joe, Tita Helen and the twins (Andre and Andrew)

This family will always be special to me because they've treated me as if I was really a part of their family. 

I will never get tired to tell the world how much I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!! They are both my strength and my weakness. Huhuhu I really miss them so much. How I wish it would be that easy to go to US and be with them.

•     •     •     •     •

Aside from my family, there will always be someone special who will put a bit of "kilig" in your life. hihihi. :))


I never imagined him saying these words. I've known him since grade school and he really surprised me with this video. Syempre, naiyak na naman ako. :(

Thank you for the effort! I felt your sincerity. I know we are very good friends right now but no matter what happens, you know that you will always be special to me. If ever you see this post, keep your feet on the ground. I KNOW YOU! HAHAHA!!! :))) Again, thank you. 

P.S. Sinadya mo ba talaga na "You and Me" yung background music? please lang. -___-

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