It's the beginning of an end

To earn a college degree is one of the most fulfilling achievements of a student. The Latin award is just a bonus and I am lucky to have both. 

My Graduation Day was a day filled with both happiness and sadness. Happiness because finally, I successfully stared down the rigors of college life; sadness because I parted ways with people I love and bid goodbye to my beloved university.

Yesterday was the day I've been waiting for - march down the aisle, go up the stage, and receive my fruit of labor. But aside from these, here's what I'd like to share - snapshots of people from my mother college (College of Art and Letters) and things that happened during CAL's Recognition Rites.

Before the program, here's what we were doing:

My family and I were at the UP Film Institute around 7am. The program started around 8:30am. So to kill our boredom, my fellow graduates and I just thought of "camwhoring". 

Here's a photo with my fellow graduates. There are 12 graduates from our department (Department of Art Studies or DAS). 

From L-R:  (front row) John William Morales, Judrith Bigornia, Babsy Arespacochaga, Gelyn Marquez, Aliana Gimena, Mai Dones, Viel Samonte, China Tapia, Mapee Singson. (back row) Jax Ali, Marga Jacinto, Hemer Dimacale. Photo by: Bullit Marquez

My apologies dear readers, "camwhoring" starts now..LOL!!!!...

Photo courtesy of Viel Samonte

Photo by: Jowi Morales

Photo by: Bullit Marquez

Photo by: Jowi Morales

During the program..

while waiting for the emcee to say "you may now be seated"
* I didn't have photos when I went up on stage*

Since our department was the first one to be called up on stage, boredom struck us again. Back to our old ways. HAHAHA

finally! we reaped what we sowed! 

bubble baths were suddenly showered on us when an MA graduate (Sir Dexter Santos) went up the stage 

After the program..

Group picture with my fellow graduates and our professors

Photo with my family before heading back to Tarlac. From L-R: Tita Myra, Me, Tita Iya, Mommy and Daddy (Actually, they're my tita and tito but to cut the story short, they are my proxy parents) and their son, Renz.

Photos with my former professors and CAL staff..

with Ma'am Trixie Lopez (leftmost) and Ma'am Dela Paz, DAS Chairperson (middlemost)

with ate JT and kuya Pabs from the CAL Records Section

with CAL's Dean: Dean Elena Mirano

with Sir Jeff Giron (5th from left) and Sir Yayo Yambao (4th from right)
with Ma'am Sofie Guillermo (3rd from left) and Sir Robert Paulino 

Meet some of my professors who made a big impact in my college life:

Professor Siao Campoamor- he was my professor in P.I. 100. I love his teaching strategy. Simple yet substantial. Also, it was as if we were just having casual conversations inside the class. No pressures.

Dean Elena Mirano- she was my thesis adviser. She's a grammar Nazi but the way she handled me while writing my thesis helped me a lot to come up with a good output.

Professor Flaudette May Datuin- she's the best and my most favorite professor ever! She's very strict yet reasonable in her requirements. Honestly, I went through a lot to satisfy all her requirements. She's very rigorous when it comes to writing and speaking in front of the class. Many art studies majors are avoiding her but I told myself that I am not going to be a legitimate artstud major if she didn't become my professor.

Now I am very proud to say "I SURVIVED DATUIN! NOT ONCE BUT THRICE!" I survived her three major classes: AS 192 (Art Criticism), AS 193 (Gender Theories in Art) and AS194 (Perspectives in Art History).

I really have too many good words to say about Ma'am Datuin but all I can say right now is that her mentoring helped me hone my writing and analytical skills. Finishing her class is one of my proudest achievements.

What a great relief! 


But graduating from college does not end here, it's just only a beginning of something.

Photo credits:
Hemer Dimacale
Bullit Marquez
Jowi Morales
Viel Samonte

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