Priceless words

In a few hours, I am going to be an official UP alumna!!!! Obviously I am very excited for my graduation because I am writing this blog post during this wee hour (Time check: 2:22am).

I woke up around 2:00am and opened my facebook account. Then I saw messages from two people. Seriously, they made me cry this early morning.

I just wanna share what they said because they inspired me to be better and stronger.

1. From Tita Ria
She's my closest tita. I also consider her as my bestfriend because she knows everything about me. Since my dad and other guardians left for the US, she became one of my guardians and go-to persons whenever I have problems. She was the one attending my high school events et al.

2. From Migs
Migs is an applicant during my term as the Membership Committee Head of UP Sandiwa (the official organization of UP Diliman students from Tarlac). I admit, he was one of the applicants who challenged my patience but I never gave up on him because I know he has the potentials. I can see his passion same as mine when I applied to the org.

His message brought me to tears. I never thought I was able to inspire him. I feel flattered.


These are some of the moments that I am very thankful for. When people know how to appreciate, my heart melts.

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