Happy Birthday Daddy and Renz!

My birthday shout out to two of my favorite boys!!!!

1. My Daddy Homer (technically he's my uncle, it's a long story why I call him daddy) 

Sometimes he's being too hard and strict to me but I still love him though. I understand he has reasons and it's for my own sake.

When I was a kid, he would always give me what I want and take me anywhere I want to go. [but I'm not a spoiled brat ok? :)] I love my daddy!!!

2. Daddy's son, Renz

There are times that he is annoying me because he's so "malikot" and stubborn. But once he greets me with a smile and says "hi ate yan!" my heart softens then my irritation goes away. :))

Our little superman!!!

Happy Birthday Daddy and Renz!!!!

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