Love at first bite

I am in love with a vampire. Yes a vampire. He's Damon Salvatore. But in real life, he is Ian Somerhalder. He's the hottest thing on earth and he's the guy I'd die for (well aside from my future husband. hehe).

I thought seeing him in person will just be a forever dream but NO! I had the chance to see him during his public appearance at SM Mall of Asia. Take note, not just see ha? HE KISSED AND HUGGED ME TWICE! How did it happen? Four girls won a photo opt with him through twitter and I was one of those girls.  Thanks to Penshoppe and my other advocacy group (ISF Philippines)!

Ian Somerhalder about to hug and kiss me on stage! I look so excited here! LOL
(Credits to the owner of the pic)

I am very SORRY girls, I have to crop you in the pic. I want to savor my moment with Ian. hihihi. Forgive me please.

with the hottest guy I've eve seen!!!
(credits to the owner of the pic)

why sooooo handsome? :(( I faint now.
Photo courtesy of Penshoppe

It was the wildest and most surreal moment of my life! I am the luckiest girl alive!!!! *woooh I'm screaming my heart out!!!!* I don't care if I look desperate here as long as I know I am very happy. :))) Can I just say? I LOVE YOU IAN SOMERHALDER! Nina Dobrev is so lucky to have Ian. huhuhu I AM SO JEALOUS! :( Kbye!

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