Travel Weekend: Anawangin, Capones, Camara

At last! After how many attempts of going for an out of town trip, this year's plan materialized!

My friends and I wanted to hit the beach before summer ends and so we ended up going to San Antonio, Zambales. We visited three islands.

1. Anawangin Cove

Our first day was at Anawangin Cove. We spent our first day there and stayed overnight. There was no electricity so our peg was like the Survivor reality show.


Photo by Yam Macalino

10 in the group. Photo by Yam Macalino

Around 3pm, we trekked the mountainous area of Anawangin.

Go Nikki and Yam! You can do it!

Here's the view from the top

Complete group picture! Thanks to Yam's tripod. 

The trek was tiring yet rewarding. Nothing beats the feeling you get once you see the lovely view from the top.

When the sun set, we set up a bonfire. I have a confession: it was my first ever camping experience! :)))

Photo by Yam Macalino
2. Capones Island

Day 2 of trekking!

From L-R: bahm, thon, tabs, nhx, yan, justine, aaron, yam, ervin, yhow
3. Camara Island

My most favorite place among the three..

Though our outing was short and we encountered some misadventures, it was a fun trip after all. :)

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