Nostalgic Thursday

I miss college life especially my orgmates in UP Sandiwa. In fact, we are not just an organization; we are beyond that. We are family. I love them sooooooooooo!

There are too many things that I miss. Aaaaaaaahhh!!!

I miss walking and making some noise around the acad oval
I miss our "chikahan" moments at the tambayan
I miss our random food trips at UP Mercato, Isawan, Maginhawa Street, Katipunan and Eastwood
I miss sleeping over at our orgmates' house
I miss having sleepless nights just to prepare for an upcoming project and event
I miss our ranting session when it comes to our acads, love life, etc.
I miss playing frisbee and whatever random game we want to play
I miss the pressure of organizing an event
I miss our stalking101 class (LOL)
I miss the SANDIWANS!
and so on..

It seems that I haven't fully moved on with my org yet because I have been actively participating and attending some org events. For instance, I attended the applicant's orientation on Wednesday.

*May nalalaman pa silang publicity scheme and take note may theme pa sila. HAHAHA. Eto raw promotional spiel nila:

UP Sandiwa and THE Membership Committee present


Applicants' Orientation 2012-A

Get ready to experience COMEDY, ACTION, HORROR, ROMANCE, FANTASY and more in just one seating!


Take note of the photobooth ah! I expected a real photobooth but the photobooth they were pertaining to was the "Photobooth" feature of Macbook Pro. Okay fine, acceptable. 

With some of my crazy orgmates. Pictures care of their so-called "photobooth". :))) 

COMING SOON: Our own version of Call Me Maybe. *Joining the bandwagon. HAHAHA*


Happy Birthday Eulogio!!!!

Happy happy birthday to one of the best boy<space>friends in the world: Yhow Buan!!! :)))

I am very thankful to have a friend like him because he's such a gentleman and he's so protective. *so don't you dare hurt me* hahahaha

But the most admiring thing about him is his high respect for women. I remember one time when he was telling a green joke to our friends and I happen not to hear it so I asked him to repeat it for the sake of not being "OP" in the group, but you know what he replied?

"I won't say it. I respect you a lot. It's improper to say it to you", Yhow said in Kapampangan. That was an awwww moment for me and it made me appreciate him more.

Anyway, enough of the drama. hahaha. Again, happy happy birthday yhow!!!! Cheers to your 21st birthday. Let's drink to that. LOL!!! :))) I love you more than I love blueberry cheesecake. :p

Greetings from you CRAZY FRIENDS!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!


A Not so Perfect yet Best Father in the World

To the most generous, ever supportive and most responsible father in the world, Happy Father's Day Papa! :))

Honestly, I haven't seen my father for 8 years already but distance didn't become an issue. In fact, it drew us closer. Thanks for everything Papa! I hope to see you soonest!!!!!

We don't have a nice picture together. Haha. This photo was taken during my Recognition Day in Grade Five.


VIDEO: REV-UP '12 Teaser 4

To all senior high school students in Tarlac, want to know what's in store for you at REV-UP 2012? Watch this video!

Proud alumna here!!! I can see how far my orgmates have gone. When I was still a resident member of UP Sandiwa, we weren't able to shoot promotional videos for our events. haha. Good job Sandiwans! :)


Travel Weekend: Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Palawan is considered as the Philippines' last frontier. The province is also known for the Underground River and its white sand beaches.

The Underground River is located in Puerto Princesa, a city in the Western provincial island of Palawan. It is also called Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. In 2011, it became part of the new 7 wonders of nature.This tapped my curiosity and eagerness to go to Puerto Princesa and see the river everyone's talking about.

Underground River Tour

It took us about 45 minutes to tour the river (back and forth). The boat's capacity is 8-10 persons.

If you chose to sit in front of the paddle boat, you will be assigned to hold the light source then the tour guide will instruct you where to point the light source while he  or she is explaining different things about the underground river.

Below are pictures of what can be seen inside the underground river.

rock formations

stalactites - these are minerals that hang from the ceiling of the cave
stalagmites - minerals that rise from the floor of the cave

After the Underground River tour, my friends and I decided to become a little adventurous.

Sabang Zipline 

Since I really love adventures, I wouldn't miss a thrilling activity: Zipline!! Sabang Zipline is the longest in the Philippines that is built over water. It would take you 1 minute and 4 seconds to reach the end point. The activity costs 550 pesos.

Who's nervous? NOT ME!

Besides exploring different places and trying some activities, we did not definitely miss exploring the food in Puerto Princesa.

Pig out Dinner..

During our first night in Palawan, we had our dinner at Kinabuchs Grill and Bar. 

Second night was at KaLui Restaurant. My tummy was very very happy after we dined at this restaurant!

Honda Bay Tour

I was supposed to enjoy this part because I love island hopping. But it was an unlucky day for me because I had LBM [ should I blame it for pigging out during dinner? :( ] Instead of enjoying the beautiful scenery and snorkeling activity, I was too preoccupied about my upset stomach -__-

Do I look like having a troubled stomach in the pictures??? LOL :)))

WHAT A SOUR FACE??!!! Thanks to Mr. Sun's brightness.

From L-R: me, tita cel, des and ate ivy (Des and I met tita cel and ate ivy during the tour and we discovered that all of us hail from the same town. Go team Kapampangan!)

My Puerto buddies..

with Des and  JP


Happy Birthday Roch!!!

To my friend since pre-school, I wish you nothing but an AMAZING birthday!!! :)))

Roch is one of my friends who I admire most. She's strong, brave, straightforward and kind-hearted. You will feel so lucky if she is your friend because she will always defend you. She will never leave you.

She's one of the best! Love you girl!

"I'm strong!" -- see? I told you so. :)


The Little Angel in our Barkada

One year ago, my friend Rochelle gave birth to a boy named Jeon Zander Gutierrez Del Rosario. We fondly call him "Zaje". He is a blessing not just to my friend but also to our barkada. We love Zaje as much as we love his mom.

On the day Zaje was born, we were at the hospital. On his baptism, we were also present and most of us in the barkada are his godparents, emphasis on AWESOME GODPARENTS. hihihi. :)) Today, he is celebrating his first birthday. Of course, we won't miss his birthday party.

Happy 1st Birthday Zaje! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

with our beloved godson Zaje :))