Happy Birthday Eulogio!!!!

Happy happy birthday to one of the best boy<space>friends in the world: Yhow Buan!!! :)))

I am very thankful to have a friend like him because he's such a gentleman and he's so protective. *so don't you dare hurt me* hahahaha

But the most admiring thing about him is his high respect for women. I remember one time when he was telling a green joke to our friends and I happen not to hear it so I asked him to repeat it for the sake of not being "OP" in the group, but you know what he replied?

"I won't say it. I respect you a lot. It's improper to say it to you", Yhow said in Kapampangan. That was an awwww moment for me and it made me appreciate him more.

Anyway, enough of the drama. hahaha. Again, happy happy birthday yhow!!!! Cheers to your 21st birthday. Let's drink to that. LOL!!! :))) I love you more than I love blueberry cheesecake. :p

Greetings from you CRAZY FRIENDS!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

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