The Little Angel in our Barkada

One year ago, my friend Rochelle gave birth to a boy named Jeon Zander Gutierrez Del Rosario. We fondly call him "Zaje". He is a blessing not just to my friend but also to our barkada. We love Zaje as much as we love his mom.

On the day Zaje was born, we were at the hospital. On his baptism, we were also present and most of us in the barkada are his godparents, emphasis on AWESOME GODPARENTS. hihihi. :)) Today, he is celebrating his first birthday. Of course, we won't miss his birthday party.

Happy 1st Birthday Zaje! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

with our beloved godson Zaje :))

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  1. For being supportive and loving to Zaje all the time, endless THANK YOU GARS!!! Balu ku eku pagsisihan na Ninang na ka. I know you'll always be there for him. :)) Thank you soo much!! :)