Happy Birthday Justine!

uhmmm. ahhh. uhhhh. hhmmmm. I'm stuttering (I don't know what to say) HAHAHA JOKE!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENNETH JUSTINE CANONO AMURAO! Yesss I just said your full name (be thankful because I didn't say ku...oooops. LOL)

Thank you for always teasing and making fun of me. Here's a proof. :-p

See? Kidding aside, though there are times that you are totally annoying, at the end of the day my weak spot will prevail. You know it already. No need to elaborate. Hehe.

Again, happy birthday! Love you loser! (Oops I did not just say those words. You're not reading my blog anyway. haha)

Last hirit: Ikaw na ang gwapooooooooo. Nakssssss -____-


Blogger's Diary 7.9.12

Dear blog,

The past few days were rough and tough. Until now, my mind's in a blur. There are things that I am uncertain of. Haay I don't know what to do. Huhuhu I need my mama right now or my tita. 

A friend asked me today if I am okay. I told her I am. I know in myself I'm okay but there's still a part of me that contradicts it. Arrrghh VAGUE! FML! If there's a place called "unknown", I think that's my current location. SOS.

Does faking my feelings a sign of cowardice? If yes, please slap me or yell at me for being one. If no, please help me find myself again. 

One of my biggest problems is telling what I feel in person because whenever I share my problems to others, I cannot help but cry. I hate it when I see myself crying. It makes me feel like I'm a loser. 

*deep sigh* Am I doomed to be a weakling? Am I doomed to be unhappy and lose every person and every thing that I love and care about? Some people might say this is nothing compared to other's problems. Well I am sorry, you don't know everything about me so please don't judge.

I hope the coming days will be better. It seems I partly lost the real me since these problems came. 

Am I being too hard on myself? I WANT TO BE COMPLETELY HAPPY AGAIN.


My Lakbayan Grade

My Lakbayan grade is C+!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.


Blogger's Diary 7.4.12

Dear blog,

I don't know how to tell other people what I'm feeling right now. Maybe it's better if I'll just write it. Somehow I can release the pain here.

Today is a very hard day for me. I lost one important part of our family. I thought losing an old family member is painful but losing a baby in the family is even more painful. 

History quite repeated itself. Before, I lost my younger brother when he was still in my mom's womb. Now, I lost another baby brother; I lost my cousin. For my part, it is very painful because I've always been so vocal how much I love and value my cousins because I don't have any siblings. 

It's so sad that I didn't even see my baby cousin. I wasn't able to play with him. I wasn't able to kiss and hug him.

I am very affected with what happened because the mom of my baby cousin is the person who served as my second mom when my mother died. She took care of me, she raised me as if I was her real daughter. She also took care of my other cousins. I know how much she loved all of us and I don't think she deserves to lose her own baby. The mere thought of it makes me cry. 

What's even worse, I can't even do something to make her feel better because she is in US.

Anything that has something to do with my family is my weakness. :( haaaaaay

How am I gonna pull off this day? I can't focus. I am so distracted. What will I do? Will I flash fake smiles? Will I pretend that I feel okay today?

Bye Little Angel

Peyton Sawyer once said "People always leave.. but sometimes they do come back."

This time, he's not coming back. :( Losing someone is one of the hardest things in life. It's something that is too hard to take and handle.

I woke up today with a bad news. My hands were shaking. My heart throbbed fast. Tears fell from my eyes.

Dear little angel, why leave us this early? :"((((


Happy Birthday Rips!

To my (well, not just me but the whole Sandiwa organization) favorite rabbit..

My favorite videoke singer who can imitate Kamikazee's "Ordertaker" song..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSEPH, SEPH, RIPS, LULY, ELLA (yeah I know you have several names in the org)!!!! :)))

Kidding aside, Joseph is one of my closest orgmates. Firstly because we are batchmates when we applied in our organization in UP and secondly he is one of my constant companions way back college. Though I am a year older than him, age did not hinder us to get along well.

Thank you rips for being one of those people who made my college life a happy one! Happy Birthday! :))

In behalf of UP Sandiwa, we love you so much! :) We hope to spend more spontaneity with you! Miss you! Eastwood again soon, please :) Birthday treat!

Next time we see each other, I'll give you plenty of cheese. HAHAHA JUST KIDDING!


Happy Birthday Tabs!

Happy Birthday to one of my closest friends in the world, Mark Anthony Taban (please don't get annoyed for saying your whole name hahahaha).

Tabs is one of those people who knows everything about me, even the skeletons in my closet. He is one of the most amazing friends I have because of his genuine personality.

My family loves him that's why they call him as one of our "adopted family members". 

He is also one of the most supportive friends ever because he was there especially during the significant and crucial events in my life. Let me share some of those events.

1. When I was doing my fieldwork for my thesis about Belenismo sa Tarlac, Tabs was there to accompany and help me. He was also there to encourage when I feel like giving up on my thesis.

Add caption

2. When I headed and organized a fundraising event for my college org, Tabs came to the event to support me.

at the Armageddon Party (a party with an advocacy)

3. The biggest thing he has done for me so far was acting as the event organizer, coordinator, etc. in my College Graduation Party. He was the person behind all the nitty-gritty stuff needed for my celebration: from planning, coordinating with my friends and relatives, getting video messages from my family who are in abroad, making an AVP, et al.

after my grad party

Again, Happy Birthday Mark..(oooopsss LOL), Tabs pala! Love you forever, bes! :)))