Blogger's Diary 7.9.12

Dear blog,

The past few days were rough and tough. Until now, my mind's in a blur. There are things that I am uncertain of. Haay I don't know what to do. Huhuhu I need my mama right now or my tita. 

A friend asked me today if I am okay. I told her I am. I know in myself I'm okay but there's still a part of me that contradicts it. Arrrghh VAGUE! FML! If there's a place called "unknown", I think that's my current location. SOS.

Does faking my feelings a sign of cowardice? If yes, please slap me or yell at me for being one. If no, please help me find myself again. 

One of my biggest problems is telling what I feel in person because whenever I share my problems to others, I cannot help but cry. I hate it when I see myself crying. It makes me feel like I'm a loser. 

*deep sigh* Am I doomed to be a weakling? Am I doomed to be unhappy and lose every person and every thing that I love and care about? Some people might say this is nothing compared to other's problems. Well I am sorry, you don't know everything about me so please don't judge.

I hope the coming days will be better. It seems I partly lost the real me since these problems came. 

Am I being too hard on myself? I WANT TO BE COMPLETELY HAPPY AGAIN.

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