Happy Birthday Justine!

uhmmm. ahhh. uhhhh. hhmmmm. I'm stuttering (I don't know what to say) HAHAHA JOKE!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENNETH JUSTINE CANONO AMURAO! Yesss I just said your full name (be thankful because I didn't say ku...oooops. LOL)

Thank you for always teasing and making fun of me. Here's a proof. :-p

See? Kidding aside, though there are times that you are totally annoying, at the end of the day my weak spot will prevail. You know it already. No need to elaborate. Hehe.

Again, happy birthday! Love you loser! (Oops I did not just say those words. You're not reading my blog anyway. haha)

Last hirit: Ikaw na ang gwapooooooooo. Nakssssss -____-

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