Happy Birthday Rips!

To my (well, not just me but the whole Sandiwa organization) favorite rabbit..

My favorite videoke singer who can imitate Kamikazee's "Ordertaker" song..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSEPH, SEPH, RIPS, LULY, ELLA (yeah I know you have several names in the org)!!!! :)))

Kidding aside, Joseph is one of my closest orgmates. Firstly because we are batchmates when we applied in our organization in UP and secondly he is one of my constant companions way back college. Though I am a year older than him, age did not hinder us to get along well.

Thank you rips for being one of those people who made my college life a happy one! Happy Birthday! :))

In behalf of UP Sandiwa, we love you so much! :) We hope to spend more spontaneity with you! Miss you! Eastwood again soon, please :) Birthday treat!

Next time we see each other, I'll give you plenty of cheese. HAHAHA JUST KIDDING!

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